Desert safari Dubai The Essence of Dubai
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Desert Safari Dubai the Essence of Dubai

Desert Safari dubai

Desert Safari is the name given to the trip which is arranged to explore the sandy expanses of a desert, and as soon as one names Dubai, the first thought that strikes the mind is of the desert safari tour, tents in the desert, barbeques etc.

About Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most sought after holiday destinations for the visitors from across the world. This popular Emirate has much more to offer to a tourist than most of the countries which stretch across various time zones on the globe. Being a global city, Dubai has everything one can think about when on holiday. Exquisite beaches, vast shopping malls, incredible tourist places and even some unique destinations like sea-aquarium, skiing and much more, Dubai has unlimited offerings for everyone.

But, one of the tourist attractions that stands out and gives the visitors the most exhilarating experience is the Dubai desert safari. A large number of visitors visit Dubai to explore the deserts and the culture of these places. Your visit to Dubai will remain unfinished without an excursion to one of these safari tours.

Why choose Desert Safari Tours?

Desert safari is an incredible adventure that combines that astounding excitement of a roller coaster ride with a challenge of sitting mobile while on the ride. Mostly carried out in open safari jeeps, desert safari tour even makes those rethink about deserts who find them uneventful and drab. Most of the desert safari Dubai tours not just give visitors an enthralling ride on the ever shifting sand dunes, but also give them a complete desert experience with stay in the tents, barbeque lunch or dinner, special Middle Eastern coffee drink known as Kahwa, and special belly dancing program to amaze the visitors with an enchanting Middle Eastern experience.

What to expect in a Dubai Desert Safari tour?

Though, there are several types of safari tours you’ll find with varied durations, but the evening desert safari Dubai tours are the most elaborate ones offering the visitors a once in a lifetime experience. This tour subsumes of the best safari activities including overnight camping in the desert. The cam can certainly be regarded as the best part of the safari tour apart exploring the desert. The visitors are served with hot and tender barbeque cuisine and are entertained by special tanoura dancing, belly dancing and fire dancing performances o make their evenings even special. Moreover, most of such evenings are also accompanied by “sheesha” a kind of hukka, you’ll find in the Arabian countries.

You can also enjoy the camel ride and can also visit the nearby villages to explore the culture and traditions of the desert life, and the people of the Middle East. Also, if you are a quad-biking fan, then the sands of Dubai are among the best places to enjoy an unforgettable quad-biking experience.

So, if you are looking forward to explore the undulating terrains of the desert in a high speed vehicle, then desert safari tours are the best activities you must plan to indulge with.