Important Things You Must Visit in Dubai City Tour
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Important Things You Must Visit in Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour

The Dubai city tour is a strong recommendation for everyone who is planning a holiday to this magnificent city. One should dedicate one complete day for this tour. The organization of the entire day is planned in such a way that along with the landmarks and modern, vibrant city, one shall also visit the small fishing village.

Emirates TowersOne shall visit the masterpieces landmarks. The way the buildings are constructed and the modern touch that they have is quite well known to the world. During the city tour well-known architectural wonders like the marvelously crafted Jumeirah Mosque, the enchanting Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious and tallest standing hotel tower in the world will be visited.

This would be followed by a visit to the commercial district which is called as the Sheikh Zayed road. Here one shall find a touch of modern and fresh construction.

Wind Towers at BastaquiaThis shall include Emirates Towers, World Trade Centre. The next in the list is the Sheikh’s palace. It really is magnificent and masterpiece of architecture. One would have the experience of the ancient cooling system at the old wind towers at Bastaquia.

Along with that the Dubai museum in the Al Fahidi Fort is also included.  A walk on the creek shall refresh the visitors completely. On the way to Abra the traditional water taxis shall be used to cross the creek. This will lead to the most awaited place that is the Dubai Gold Souk where people who are willing to shop gold can complete their wish. Along with ornaments, gold bars and bricks are also available.

Dubai MuseumOn special request from the client, we also offer visits to additional places like heritage village, fish market, Irish village, the Palm Island pre-opening view. Visiting the Burj Al Arab is mandatory. It is the only 7 star hotels in United Arab Emirates. We will end this tour with a stop at one of the most beautiful mosque in Dubai, called The Jumeirah Mosque. Its large central dome and twin minarets set it apart from other mosques. This is the only mosque in Dubai, which allows Non – Muslims to enter. One is expected to cover your arms and legs while entering it. This is really worth visiting.

The above description itself is so tempting that just by reading it people will start feeling that a visit to the city is a must.

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