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Dubai Desert Safari – 2019 What to Know Before You Go

Red dune desert safari in dubai

A desert is an area of land which could be said to be barren, with little to no precipitation, this makes it hostile for plants and animals to survive. Majorly, weathering is the main process which leads to the formation of deserts. The high variation in the level of temperature, occasional rainfall on hot rocks, strong wind striking the mountains can erode the surface. This makes the grains or sheets of sand pile high surging sand dunes.

The condition of the desert makes it tough for various plants and animals to survive as they need special adaptations to survive in the environment. As much as it’s hard to live in the desert, nomads have been known to move about with their flocks and herds for available grazing areas, besides trade routes have been a fascinating sight along this beautiful landscape especially along the Arab deserts, Sahara deserts etc. The traditional mode of transportation is deployed, the use of caravans of a camel for transporting goods are a sight to behold as well as the beautiful gaze of the smiling sunshine.

Desert Safari Dubai

What is Dubai Desert Safari?

Dubai, in the last two decades, has been a country where tourism has grown rapidly, besides the side attractions of the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi, the gigantic building of the Burj Khalifa the desert safari is another experience you won’t want to miss. An integral part of the United Arab Emirates is the brownish landscape of the Dubai desert, decorated with natural dunes and inhabited by the Arab Bedouins, this has become a sight to behold for every traveler. It’s fast increasing in the list of every traveler.

The Dubai desert safari is meant for tourism, it treats every tourist to a great experience of the traditional Dubai culture and traditions of the desert. The experience of the deserts’ dunes setting and arrangements, the magnificent view of the beautiful mother earth’s gift, the exciting rides to the top of the red dunes, the feeling of the warmth hospitality of the desert safari, and fascinating enjoyment of the bedouins tradition such as the henna painting, the camel ride, the photo stop at the top of the red dunes and photo shot in traditional Arab dress are sensational feelings that will last forever.

The best way to maximize your tourism experience and enjoy all these experiences is to book the experienced tourism industry, which can offer you comfortability, ease, and great hospitality in giving you a marvellous service. Dubai desert safari has its workers trained to give you a thrilling experience based on the principles of dedication, commitment, and upholding its values to serve every tourist to maximum satisfaction.

With Dubai desert safari, you will be treated to greater experience in the following

Dubai desert safari has been able to record success over the years in treating its visitors with great care and great hospitality of the Dubai atmosphere. Over the years, they have been able to leave a long lasting impression of every visitors of the great desert safari, that’s why: they have been able to give adequate information to their customers right on their online website, they serve them with adequate information, up to date schedules and beautiful plans to make your safari visit a memorable one. Oh, once you land in Dubai, there experienced drivers are steadily available to welcome you with great pleasantries, they can pick you up at any part of the UAE. On getting to the safari, they have a team of well-experienced drivers to give you a thrilling jeep drive through the dunes of the desert, this is a beautiful dune-bashing, their drivers are well trained and well versed in treating your tourism experience with the best possible feeling you will ever think of, you will get a fascinating fast ride in the desert mounds, and get a beautiful gaze at the desert landscape, they will definitely give you a stop to watch the beautiful sunset of the desert sunshine, and if you’ll need to treat yourself to another beautiful experience, you will be offered a snowboard for sand skiing, this will fascinate you down the amazing dunes of the safari desert.

On returning, you can enjoy a beautiful camel ride, henna painting etc you are provided with a very clean camp and a well-insured bedouin camp to enjoy your night and treat you to great facilities present in the desert. At night, watch.. You have various delicacies, BBQ buffet dinner, Arabian coffee, soft juices, and drinks etc. While enjoying your time out, you will be treated with live shows displaying the Arab culture, the belly dancing, tanoura dancing, fire show etc are lots of side attractions that will leave you with great experience. You will also have the opportunity of taking pictures with these artists to keep your memories of the safari refreshing. We’ll make sure you enjoy the best Desert safari in Dubai. Book your tour now, and we will ensure you have a breathtaking experience of Dubai desert safari

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