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Enchanting tour of Dubai City – The Experience you will always cherish


Dubai has its place in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. When one visits it there are so many places that are listed to be covered while planning a vacation to this place. It is quite well known for its modern architecture, shopping, desert safari tours and also the use of modern technology in day to day life. It is also quite known for the fine-looking landmarks that it possesses. Although it is just a city but even then it is now less than a large country in development and fame for each and everything that it possesses.

Some of the very famous buildings located here include the marvelously crafted Jumeirah Mosque, the enchanting Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious and tallest standing hotel tower in the world. Now a days after the construction of the Burj Al Arab there has been a reasonable increment to the number people that come for vacations. Along with the modern architecture in the city areas it is also surrounded by the beautiful golden desert too.

The Dubai city tour is a well planned one day tour that would cover most of the world famous places of the city and this shall be followed by the all time favorite activity that is none other than shopping. Along with some of the famous architectural masterpieces mentioned above other placed that worth a visit include Sheikh’s palace, the museum at the Al Fahidi Fort and the Gold Souk too.

The architecture is has a modern touch along with the grandeur of the Arabian touch. This shall surely remind one of the tales of Arabian nights. Another very beautiful part of this city is the Abra whose water taxis are a great attraction. The creek is really picturesque. It is sure that nobody might have ever had such an experience in their life time so far.

The walk through the spice souk and you shall enter the world famous Dubai Gold Souk. The shopping malls of are also quite large and beautiful and they could easily drive any one crazy. The city tour is a must for each of the visitor.

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