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Four Great options for Desert Safaris Dubai


Dubai is very popular for its amazing desert safaris, breath taking scenarios and Middle East culture. Apart from city tours and trips, desert safaris are the kind of tours one should never miss there. As in now there are varieties of Desert tours available.

Early Morning Desert Safari

This tour starts around 5am. The pleasing atmosphere of dawn makes it a heavenly experience. Here, you can enjoy dune bashing, camel riding, quad bike riding and sand skiing. This is the best time when you would be able to see the rare bird species over there. You would get to enjoy the most delicious breakfast over there.

Overnight Desert Safari

When you want to enjoy the star lit evening at the camp-site with rich Middle East culture of Dubai, this is the great option. The tour starts in the afternoon- 3:00. They take you to the camp site and offer you the mouth watering drinks and dates. Then you can enjoy all the activities like camel riding, quad bike riding and etc. You would get to experience the henna painting too. Belly dancing and tanoura dancing are very popular over there. At last you would get to enjoy tasty BBQs and cuisines in dinner. The tour would end around 8:30 am next day.

Desert Safari- Daylong

This daylong safari really varied and thrilling experience. They first take you to Hatta Mountains, located in Hajjar range of mountains. There you can see the dried river beds and quaint desert sceneries. After driving through the meandering trails of Hatta Mountains you would be taken to the Hatta village along with the fort which was built in 16th century. After having lunch you would get to enjoy the Desert activities. In late evening you would be served delicious dinner with exotic BBQs.

Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari with well equipped, world class SUV vehicle-Hummer is not less than any thrilling adventure. Here you would get to do dune bashing in Hummer which is way better than an ordinary 4×4 SUV vehicle.

Other than these tours you have numerous kinds of trips like, Private Desert Safari, Hatta Mountain Safari, Desert Dune and Buggy Riding, Sand Ski and Camel Riding and many city tours.

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