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Have You Explored Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai?


Have you ever visited the desert terrains of the global city, Dubai? If you know the pulsating adventure activities that the desert-scapes have to offer, you certainly will plan a visit to the arid stretch. You can plan thrills and behold the beauty of the desert sunrise… It will be one of the most splendid views that you have witnessed. All new visitors to the desert terrains have been captivated with the brilliant sunrise in the desert stretch. In the morning hours, you can watch the golden beams of the sun gradually emerge from the distant horizon and casting its luminance over the sandy terrains. After you have enjoyed the splendour, you can pursue pulsating adventures planned ahead by the experienced tour operators. If you are wondering on the inclusions of the sunrise desert safari in Dubai, then have a glimpse at its best inclusions:

Highlights of the Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai

Pickup and drop facility

You will be picked from your hotel or destination by professional guides or drivers and reached the desert locale. At the end of the safari, you will be dropped back into the hotel or destination by our professional driver’s cum guides.

Scope for splendid photography and video shoots

At the safari, there is great scope for photography and video shots in the desert terrains. You can shoot photographs of your group pursuing adventure activities in the desert terrains.

Brilliant desert sunrise view

Behold the beauteous sunrise view.

Delicious breakfast

Famished during your adventure session? Take a break and enjoy the scrumptious breakfast served to you on the dunes of the desert-scapes.

Drinks and refreshments at the campsite

Drinks and refreshments will be served to you on the campsite and you can be recharged during your adventure session. Keep yourself hydrated with the unlimited mineral water provided to you in the desert site and stay afresh.

Photography with national bird- falcon

Get shots of yourself with the national bird, falcon perched on your hands or shoulders. If you are accompanied by women or your family, your entire group can get good photographs shot.

Multiple adventures:

  • Camel riding
  • Sandboarding
  • Quad biking
  • Dune bashing

Do you love adventures? The desert-scapes of Dubai are ideal adventure zones where you can plan an exhilarating experience. Get an insight into the pulsating activities planned in the desert terrains of the global city, Dubai.

Camel trekking

Camel trekking is one of the most popular activities in the desert terrain. In the sunrise

safari, you can trek across the desert stretch atop the camel and shoot photos or videos of

the spectacular natural scene. Witnessing the desert sunrise is an unforgettable experience and enjoy it while seated loftily on the camelback. A favourite desert activity, camel trekking is a lasting experience that you will love to enjoy.

Dune bashing

The golden dunes of the desert are ideal locations for dune bashing adventures; it is among the best desert adventures. Professional drivers will race you up and down large sand dunes in air-conditioned vehicles. You can be seated in the vehicles in a group of 6 with your seat belts fastened. Enjoy your experience.


Sandboarding is a great experience. Set your foot firmly on the sand boards and enjoy

gliding down the large sand dunes enjoying your exciting experience well.

Quad biking

Four-wheeled quad bikes ride can be a great experience in the desert-scapes. You will be

clearly instructed on riding the quad bikes. Enjoy your ride. Instructors or guides can

accompany you, if necessary. However, the riding experience will be easy and you are most

likely to manage it yourself. Even women ride quad bikes easily in the desert stretch.

All the adventure activities planned in the desert terrains are equally safe and thrilling.  You can enjoy all of them. If you are particularly not interested in any activity, you can opt-out of the adventure experience. You can also prolong the adventure activity that you wish to enjoy such as camel riding etc.

Private Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai

Private Sunrise Desert Safari In Dubai

Do you love privacy? You have the option to seek a private tour at sunrise. Opt for the private sunrise desert safari in Dubai. Your private group will be seated in air-conditioned spacious vehicles accommodating 6 to 7 persons and will be offered an exclusive experience. Such a safari is ideal for honeymooners, couples, families, workgroups, elite groups planning privacy in the desert locales of the global city, Dubai.

Your private group will be picked up from hotel or destination by professional drivers or guides and reached to the desert locale. At the end of the safari, your group will be dropped back at the hotel or destination by our professional drivers.

Best Inclusions Of the Private Sunrise Desert Safari

  • 1 hour Camel Riding Experience
  • Watch beautiful desert sunrise
  • Enjoy sand-boarding on the large dunes
  • Dune bashing thrills in air-conditioned vehicles
  • Quad biking adventure experience
  • Duration of the Private Sunrise Desert Safari is 5 to 6 hours

Important tips on Sunrise Desert Safari In Dubai

  • Remember to carry your cameras and video cams. There is plenty of scope for photography and videography. You can shoot best photographs of the desert sunrise and treasure lasting memories of your adventure pursuit in the golden dunes of the desert stretch.
  • If you are a cardiac patient or suffering from severe backaches, then it is advisable that you refrain from the adventure session of the desert safari.
  • Pregnant women are also not allowed in the desert safari.
  • All the adventure activities are safe and proven to be ideal for seeking thrills. Don’t miss out on any. Explore all the pulsating adventure and enjoy an exhilarating experience in the desert terrains of the global city, Dubai.
  • You can seek the guidance of the experienced guides and they will instruct you on pursuing adventure activities. In case, you are not confident to pursue any adventure activity, they will accompany you till you are confirmed.
  • The sunrise desert safari tours are conducted throughout the year and you can plan your adventure sessions any period of the year.
  • One great advantage of the Sunrise safari is that it is organized in the morning hours. You can utilise your morning hours for an adventure experience while the functional activities in the urbanscapes have not commenced. Seasoned adventure-seekers are eager to start the day with a great dose of thrills and the sunrise desert safari will be their choice of pulsating activities.

Go ahead, pack your day with good thrills and get charged. With a big dose of adventure, you can be charged for a great day ahead and enjoy your day. While the early morning hours are the best period of the day, enjoy thrills and excitement. If you are new to desert adventures, then wait no more for exploring it.

Book your Sunrise Desert Safari soon and steer ahead with the adventures planned in the tour! Have a riot in the desert terrains of the golden city, Dubai.

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