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Unique Experiences, Activities & Things to Do in Dubai


In this era of information technology where before doing anything people “Google” it out and know every single detail of it. The same is very much applicable when people are going on any outing or tour. So when planning a holiday to Dubai, people will surely research on the must visit places of it. After reading this write up on things to do in Dubai one shall not need to spend much effort on it.

Whenever one visits any place there are mainly two things that can be done. One is going to famous places and having the famous food items of that place. As the title of this article is “Things to do in Dubai”, the activities that one must do in Dubai are described here.

Some of the activities that are a strong recommendation are:

  1. Friday Brunch
  2. Day Tripping
  3. Haggling

Some details regarding each one of the listed above are described below for the reader’s convenience.

  • Friday Brunch

Unlike other places, weekends start on Thursday night. It has almost become a tradition for the restaurants to tempt the consumers by attractive offers. It is a tough competition among the eateries to provide a wide array of dishes and beverages that can tempt more and more people to visit that place. There are places where a prior booking is required otherwise it is difficult to find a seat.

  • Day Tripping

Going for a desert safari is something which all the travel agencies shall offer.  Something unique and different to do during a tour is to go for a Day Tripping. It is specially organized for the adventure lovers. In this small trip yet interesting trip one shall get a chance to enjoy in the natural rock pools of Hatta. In addition to this bathing in Wadi Wurrayah which is a waterfall is also a must visit. These are places about which very less people are aware but are must visit.

  • Haggling

Everybody knows that Dubai is quite well known for the gold and golden ornaments. And because of this prime reason we shall take you to the Old Gold Souk. It is a market of gold. Whenever one visits this place be very sure to buy the real gold as there are many people who cheat the tourists by selling fake ornaments. To prevent this one should rent a guide who has a proper know how about this place.

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