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Various Desert Safari Dubai Tours Options for Endless Fun


DO you love travelling? Do you love exploring new places? Do you like adventure trips? Then Desert Safari is the best option to go for. There are several options to choose from when it comes to Desert Safari Dubai Tours. In this post we are covering good options for the same.

Morning Desert Safari Tours

Are you a morning person? If morning is your favourite time of a day, you will love to see desert in the morning time. Usually, in the morning, desert area will not be too hot but at the same time it will be windy and beautiful. The pick time is mostly 7.30 am and you enjoy morning desert safari and activities for 5-6 hours and you will be drop off by 12.30 to 1.30 p.m. The major attractions of Morning desert safari are Thrilling Dune driving on the highest and beautiful red sand dunes of Dubai, One Hour Camel riding deep inside the heart of Dubai desert, 45 minutes quad bike riding, Sand skiing and Visiting breeding Camel farm in Desert.

Evening Desert Safari Tours

If you want to enjoy true spirit of desert, Evening Desert Safari is the best option. They will pick you from your hotel at the late afternoon and you will be enjoying desert till late evening. They will drop off to your hotel as well. On the way to camp site, they will take you to the Camel Farm and then you will reach camp site. The camp site has lots of activities like Hubby Bubbly (sheesha smoking), Belly Dancing, Tanura dance (Egyptian Folk Dance), followed by delicious BBQ Dinner.

Overnight Desert Safari Tours

If you are visiting Dubai and having ample of time to explore the Desert at Safari, nothing can beat the fun you can have at overnight desert safari tour, in which you will spend one whole night in star lighted sky in desert. You will enjoy authentic Arabic life for one night while enjoying Hubby Bubbly, Belly Dancing, Tanura dance, Night Bar, Dates, Cold Beverages followed by yummy BBQ diner. In the morning, you can also enjoy sun rise in deep desert.

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