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When Are You Planning Evening Desert Safari With Barbeque Dinner?


Picture yourself in Dubai. You are in the desert terrains of the global city in the sunset hours enjoying great adventures and the evening hours packed with entertainment, good dining experience and a delicious Barbeque dinner spread to enjoy. Awesome, isn’t it? With all the necessary elements to transform your evening splendid, the evening desert safari with bbq dinner is an ideal choice of exhilaration. Consider an incredible desert safari experience with desert safari Dubai in the evening hours and enjoy your experience. Plan a unique experience at the safari…When Are You Planning Evening Desert Safari With Barbeque Dinner 2020?

evening desert safari with bbq dinner

Evening desert safari with belly dance

So, what are the best features of the evening desert safari with barbeque dinner?

Pick up and drop facility
You may not be sure of your whereabouts as a new visitor to Dubai. Do not worry, you can trust the pick-up and drop facility offered in the safari and enjoy your experience well. Professional drivers will pick you from the hotel or destination. At the end of the safari experience, you will be dropped back at your hotel or destination.
Adventure Session with Multiple adventures
Camel riding
Dune bashing
Quad biking
Many visitors have not explored the typical desert adventures. If you are also only introduced to the typical desert adventures, here is the opportunity to experience them. You can enjoy camel riding as your initial experience and this will familiarize you to the other typical desert adventures planned ahead. Be seated comfortably on the camelback; necessary instructions will be offered to you by the professional guides. After your comfortable camel riding experience, you can opt for dune bashing which is greatly thrilling and also enjoy sand boarding and quad biking. You can enjoy multiple safe adventures and seek its immense thrills.
Entertainment Session
At the end of the adventure session, the entertainment session follows. The entertainment session is planned at the campsite. From the desert locale, you have to head to the campsite where performance is planned. You can enjoy an eclectic experience with the performance showcased by professional Belly dancers and Tanoura dancers. Men can opt to experiment with Shisha smoking and find out if they enjoy it! Meanwhile, women can choose to ornate their hands and feet with the intricate henna designs which are part of Arabian culture.

Evening desert safari with camel trekking in Dubai

Camel trekking with evening desert safari

Lavish barbeque dinner buffet
The adventures of the safari will leave you exhausted and hungry at the end of the sessions. Do not worry, the tour includes a delicious, freshly cooked barbeque dinner constituting vegetarian and non-vegetarian delectable served from the Arabian grills; you can enjoy the delightful fare.
Plan your safari experience soon!
With an array of benefits and highlights, the sunset safari is an ideal getaway in Dubai. You can pack your evening with adventure, thrills, entertainment, and grand fine dining experience all planned at the desert-scapes of the golden city, Dubai. Enjoy an awesome experience!
If you haven’t experienced the desert safaris, then plan it soon… Explore the excitement that the evening desert safari with barbeque dinner Dubai can offer you…

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