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Book Now Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Book Now Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

One desert of the world which any one would love visit is the Dubai desert. It has its own reasons why people would want to choose this place for a holiday. The reason is very clear that people want to go for Desert Safari tour. It is a must experience part when one is planning a vacation to Dubai. The main reason being the exquisite desert feel and adventure always. Just by reading this one can feel that adrenaline rush then just imagine how would it be when all this described here happens actually.

The plan of this one day trip executes in the predefined sequence. As per the chosen plan that is morning, evening or overnight, the agency shall come to pick up the tourists at their specified destination and take them to a place where a box full of adventure and lovely memories awaits you. The travel agency shall take the visitors to the heart of the desert where they have built a completely different world which they call as campsite. The campsite is well equipped with comfortable seating arrangement. Along with that munching and drinks are also available which people can enjoy.

For people who just want to chill the campsite is the best place to do that and a whole new world of adventure awaits them. Dune bashing is arranged for people who want to get the feel of the desert adventure. It is done using a specially designed vehicle called as Dune Buggy which is also called as ATV vehicle. ATV is a short form for al terrain vehicle.  It is a vehicle with large wheels and wide tires, specially designed for use on sand dunes or beaches. They are specially designed for operation on open sand in deserts and beaches. It is a great experience riding it. The experience doubles when done on high sand dunes for a special thrilling experience.

At night barbeque dinner is served and as a form of entertainment, belly dancers are available. It is the folk dance of Arabian countries. It is a treat for the eyes to watch the belly dancers. Tents are also available at the campsite for people who want to spend a night in the desert. This is also a great experience. The dawn and dusk are also a treat to watch from the desert. Photography lovers would love capturing the moments.

Although the city is worth visiting but along with that desert safari is something which is worth living through.

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