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Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Helicopter tour Dubai

Rule the Sky with our Helicopter tour Dubai

We offer a selection of thoughtfully designed helicopter aerial sightseeing tours of Dubai to our guests to give them an unforgettable experience of this international city and its renowned skyline. It is the ultimate Dubai Sightseeing tour that takes you to a thrilling and exhilarating journey of a helicopter flight.

As you soar high over the city, you view it in a completely different way altogether. It appears as a painter's imagination and the top views of the Palm Jumeirahare completely stunning. Encompassing some of the best sites of Dubai, this tour is much more magnificent than one can imagine. Our helicopter tour Dubai is the best way to take a spellbinding bird's eye view of the Dubai's coastline, skyline and the most famous landmarks of the city.

Dubai helicopter tour

Dubai, which is famous for its iconic skyline and magnificent architectures, is one of the best tourist destinations across the globe. There is certainly no better way to see it all at once from the air. Our Dubai helicopter tour begins from the palm Jumeirah as the helicopter takes off from the "Atlantis", located on the Palm Jumeirah Island. After the take-off, we take you through a mesmerising journey across the splendid Arabian Gulf Coastline and the astounding palm Jumeirah Island while passing through the tallest building in the world, the Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi, the World Islands, Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Heading inland towards the city, you can enjoy an incredible top aerial view and an ultimate travel indulgence.

The highlights of the tour include the Jumeirah beach hotel revealing the shape of a sail and the escapade water park, called "Wild Wadi". The World Islands exhibit a closer look to how our world looks like as this man made world map showcases an impressive collection of continent shaped islands of the world.

Dubai helicopter tours

The Dubai helicopter tour is an ideal way to witness some of the breath-taking sites of the city of Dubai. This 22 minutes long tour not just covers the famous skyscrapers but takes you beyond them where you explore and uncover some of the best kept secrets of Dubai.

The Dubai helicopter tour is a splendid Dubai sightseeing tour which departs from Atlantis the Palm. The arrangements for pick and drop can be included in the tour at an extra cost. The weight of the passengers is asked prior to making flight arrangements. The children below two years of age and the carry baggage are not allowed during the flight. All the helicopter flights are subject to weather conditions, Airport permissions and the staff. We completely ensure the in flight safety for the passengers.

Vital Information about the helicopter tour of Dubai

Departure & Arrival Point: Helipad in "Atlantis The Palm Jumeirah"
Duration of the tour: 22 Minutes
Helicopter Type: Bell Helicopter 206 ALP
Departure Time: Variable
Tour Itinerary: Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi, Jumeirah the Beach, The palm Jumeirah, the World Islands, Atlantis "The Palm Jumeirah."

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