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Desert safari tours in Abu Dhabi

#1: Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi-Desert safaris is an amazing adventure option in the Arabian terrains of Abu Dhabi. With its distinctive inclusions, the tour can offer you an exhilarating experience in this region of the Arabian peninsula. Explore the safari experience with a group of friends or your family and have a wonderful time. We are trusted tour operators providing you brilliant safari experience in the desert-scapes of Abu Dhabi.

The best inclusions of the desert safari Abu Dhabi are:
  • Abu Dhabi Private camel riding
  • Sandboarding
  • Dune driving in Abu Dhabi
  • Hubbly Bubbly Shisha smoking
  • Incredible sunset view
  • Private VIP dinner

The initial phase of the desert safari includes adventure activities planned in the arid stretch. You can enjoy the pleasurable private camel ride perched majestically on the camelback and have a stoic experience. The camels trot stoically across the desert expanse giving you a spectacular glimpse of the sandy terrain and dunes. Take in the picturesque view and remember that it is only the commencement of a grand desert experience. Have you not been atop the camel before? Make most of your maiden experience. There are absolutely no risks involved in camel riding and it is a great option for all members of the family even kids. The camels are well-trained and they will carry you safely through the desert. You will be accompanied by experienced guides who will conduct the ride ensuring your total safety throughout the ride.

You have splendid thrills planned in the desert expanse at the end of the relaxing camel ride. Don’t miss out on the sand boarding and dune driving which are typical desert adventures offering you great thrills

desert safari in Abu Dhabi
desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Dune Driving is very exciting!

If you haven’t visited deserts earlier then the chances are high that you are unfamiliar with dune driving. Now is the opportunity for the grand experience… You can board in our vehicles and our professional drivers head you to the dunes; they will steadily race you up and down the large dunes offering you a pulsating experience. If you are a thrill-seeker, then you will most definitely enjoy this experience and it will soon become your preferred

Sunrise desert adventure safari. Though exciting, there are no risks involved in the dune bashing experience. Simply fasten your seat belts before the ride and have a riot! It is ideal for family groups, friends, or workgroup planning some good thrills in the serene desert zone.

desert safari in Abu Dhabi
desert safari and quad biking in Abu Dhabi

A word of caution:

  • It is advisable that elderly persons and persons suffering from chronic backaches avoid the dune bashing experience
  • Pregnant women should also avoid the adventure
  • Those suffering from severe backaches should also avoid dune driving

Sandboarding is pure fun!

Have you attempted sand boarding ever? You really should! It is a simple activity that can be easily pursued and you will simply love the experience. Simply insert your feet in the footholds of the sandboards and glide down the large sand dunes. You will be instructed by professional guides on the adventure through the activity is simple. So, keep all stress away and enjoy your sandboarding adventure well…Even women and children can enjoy the sandboarding adventure.

Though your adventure session is complete, you are not ready to leave the desert zone. Witness the beautiful desert sunset at the end of the day and you will have enjoyed the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Your tour to this destination would be incomplete without the great safari experience. Do not forget to foray into Abu Dhabi’s desert-scapes and whet your adventure interests.



Best Abu Dhabi desert Safari

Splendid Sunset View

Desert sunsets are a great view, weather doing safari in AbuDhabi or desert safari tours in Dubai. Watch the golden sun thaw on the horizon as a blazing huge ball emanating its last golden beams. The brilliant day comes to an end and the delightful evening hours commence. Get ready for the excitement it has to offer especially at the safari experience. Shoot some superb photos and videos of the desert sunset and you can treasure them for lasting memories of your divine desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

Special Plans For An Incredible Evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi!

It is not often that you get to plan adventures in the desert zones. So, enjoy your adventure spree to the fullest. After enjoying your outdoor adventure activities, it is time to enjoy and relax at the campsite. Great drinks, hubbly bubbly Shisha smoking, elaborate private dinner spread can all set fire to a dull evening. With such eclectic options, you would have enjoyed the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi.

desert safari In Abu Dhabi is best for families
desert safari In Abu Dhabi is best for families

Go ahead and explore the awesome offerings for the evenings!

Starters, sparkling drinks… relax in the tasteful décor and ambiance of comfortable tents. With soft clean cushions for seating and set tables, you can enjoy a great time in the tents, take in its brilliant ambiance. With the fresh desert air and the well-lit interiors, you can relax well after the pulsating adventure session completed during the day. The warm day is followed by the cool, breezy evenings and you can enjoy a special time at the camp. As you sip your drinks and taste your starters, you can unwind. You may be famished by the adventure session and it is time to grab a bite. You can also enjoy Shisha smoking at the tent and relax. You should essentially try the flavored Shisha smoking as it is a unique experience to enjoy. It is a typical, traditional smoking activity confined to the Arabian peninsula. Don’t hesitate to try it and enjoy the rare flavors. You can gain a delightful experience!

After a while, your lavish VIP Private dinner will be served. A plethora of delicacies, sumptuous dishes, sparkling drinks constitutes the elaborate spread awaiting you. You can experiment with Arabian flavors especially the best dishes from the Arabian cuisine that will be presented to you as an elaborate fare. You can plan your tour with your family, friends, or workgroup and enjoy a grand VIP Private dinner. The awesome dinner includes Arabian bread, meat dishes, salads, fruits, mineral water, sparkling drinks, and all you could want for grand dining.

It is a great idea to add excitement to your evening hours. A grand VIP Private dinner is simply the top option. The safari is planned to offer you exemplary thrills; you may not have much to do in the early hours but evening hours have great thrills stored for you. The desert safari is planned to offer you complete enjoyment in the evening hours.

Get an insight into the safari experience – Tips and cautions on the best desert safari in Abu Dhabi

  • Professional guides and drivers are available at your services at the safari
  • You can get clear instructions on pursuing the adventure activities in this best desert safari Abu Dhabi
  • Cardiac patients, pregnant women, and infants should refrain from the safari experience
  • There are no risks involved in the desert safari in Abu Dhabi. All the activities are tested and proven to be safe. You can enjoy all them assuredly
  • Desert safari is ideal for both men and women. Both groups can enjoy it.
  • Camel riding is also conducted safely. Even first-timers can freely enjoy the ride while the camels are tame, instructed, and managed by guides.

The desert safari is an ideal group session for your preferred group. You can enjoy the safari with your work and friends groups, enjoy well the amazing desert experience. For many, the desert safaris in Abu Dhabi are a favorite escapade whenever they visit the destination. A great stress buster, desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a great option for workgroups. With the VIP private dinner as the special inclusion, all levels of workgroups can enjoy the experience.

At the end of the safari, you would have etched lasting memories of your experience. Great adventure, lavish spread for the famished and fatigued souls, you couldn’t wish for more.

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We have experienced tour operators offering you a unique desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi. Every year, we entertain thousands of guests with the desert safaris. Plan your safe tour with us and enjoy a splendid time. We ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout the desert safari. With our experience, we are assured of the safety factors on the tour. We are confirmed on improving your safari ensuring quality experience in Abu Dhabi.So, when are you planning the wonderful desert safari experience in Abu Dhabi with your group? If you have not explored desert-scapes, then wait no further. Visit the sandy expanse of Abu Dhabi soon and seek the thrills of typical desert adventures. You will have an exquisite adventure for lasting memories.

Plan the awesome tour soon with us!



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