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Morning Desert Safari

Explore Morning Desert Safari Tour With Quad Buggy Riding

Are you a thrills-seeker with adventure in your veins? The desert terrains of the golden city, Dubai are hosting pulsating, new adventures and you can enjoy the treat…Experience the exhilarating desert safari thrills planned in the desert scapes. Nothing could be most exciting for the adventure seekers as the thrilling adventure sessions planned in the morning hours with Dubai Desert Safari Tours. Typical desert adventures are the favourite of all including new adventure seekers or seasoned thrills-seekers eager to enjoy excitement planned in the arid stretch.

With your decision to pursue adventures in the morning desert safari, you may want to know its best inclusions. Here are the highlights of the desert safari:


➢ Pick up and drop facility

You will be picked up from your hotel or destination by our professional drivers cum guides and reached to the desert locale. At the end of the tour, you will be dropped back to the hotel or destination by our professional guides cum drivers

Pick up timing: 7:30 am to 8:30 am Drop timing: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm ➢ Thrilling desert drive

Welcome to the desert expanse… If you haven’t yet visited a desert stretch, enjoy your first-time experience. You will be offered a drive across the desert stretch in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. You can catch a good glimpse of the desert environments and get settled.

➢ 1 hour camel riding

Now, time to start enjoying the typical desert adventures, one after the other. Start your adventure session with the camel riding experience. If you haven’t ridden on camel back, enjoy your first experience in the desert terrains.

➢ Catch the desert sunrise

You can behold the beauteous view of the desert sunrise. The natural scene is splendid and you can enjoy it well. Shoot splendid photographs and videos of the brilliant view with your cameras and video cams while perched comfortably atop the camel.

➢ Duration of the tour is 5 to 6 hours

The entire safari experience is scheduled to last for 5 to 6 hours. Every moment of the safari is planned to be most exciting and enjoyable. The morning safari will last till 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Have a wonderful experience in the desert terrains of the golden city, Dubai.

➢ Complimentary drinks and unlimited mineral water

Complimentary drinks and unlimited mineral water will be provided to you. Stay hydrated with the supply of free drinks during the desert safari. The pulsating adventures may keep you engaged but remember to rehydrate yourself in the desert stretch.

➢ Multiple desert adventures:

The desert terrain will be the venue for most thrilling, typical desert adventures. During the morning safari, you can enjoy multiple thrilling adventure activities in the early hours. Professional guides will provide you complete assistance during the adventure session and under their guidance, you will be able to enjoy the thrills of desert activities.

▪ Dune Buggy Driving

Experience great thrills while driving the powerful dune buggies across the desert stretch.

Dune buggies are fitted with powerful engines and you can dash through the desert terrains in these four-wheelers.

Trained guides will instruct you on riding the four-wheeler buggies and you can enjoy a splendid off-the-road motor driving experience.

The buggies are designed to offer you a great driving experience.

Instructors will accompany you, if necessary, and provide you guidance on driving the buggies.

Driving buggies is quite easy and you can manage it well while following the simple instructions.

Both men and women can enjoy the buggy driving experience as it is easy and comfortable.

Dune Buggy driving is the choicest desert adventure that can be enjoyed only in the desert terrains.

Do not miss out on the great experience… No risks or precautions to be followed, mere fun to enjoy…

▪ Camel riding

Have you ridden atop camel across the desert stretch? If not, do not miss out on the experience in the desert terrains of Dubai. Camel riding is a safe desert adventure to enjoy in the desert scapes. Professional guides will help you climb on the camel back. Camels are well-trained and on the instruction of the guides, they squat and you can climb on its back and be seated comfortably. Even women and children can enjoy the camel riding experience as it is absolutely safe, free of any hazards. You can enjoy the camel ride and you will surely love the experience.

Camels are the tamest creatures in the desert scapes. Have no hesitation in planning your ride atop the camel back. Your adventure would be absolutely safe and enjoyable. The camels are well-trained and their mouths are fitted with masks to prevent biting though such an instance is rare. They are trained to carry passengers safely across the desert terrain

▪ Dune bashing

The golden dunes of the desert are ideal locations for dune bashing adventures; it is among the best desert adventures. Professional drivers will race you up and down large sand dunes in air-conditioned vehicles. You can be seated in the vehicles in a group of 6 with your seat belts fastened. Enjoy your experience.

▪ Sand boarding

Sand boarding is a great experience. Set your foot firmly on the sand boards and enjoy gliding down the large sand dunes enjoying your exciting experience well. There are risks involved in the sand boarding adventure only thrills to enjoy.

▪ Quad biking

Four-wheeled quad bikes ride can be a great experience in the desert scapes. You will be clearly instructed on riding the quad bikes. Enjoy your ride. Instructors or guides can accompany you, if necessary. However, the riding experience will be easy and you are most likely to manage it yourself. Even women ride quad bikes easily in the desert stretch. Quad bikes are ATVs or All Terrain Vehicles designed to be ridden on sand stretch. You can enjoy your ride with the special vehicles.

Enjoy Safe Adventures In The Desert Scapes….

All the adventure activities planned in the desert terrains are equally safe and thrilling. You can enjoy all of them. If you are particularly not interested in any activity, you can opt out of the adventure experience. You can also prolong the adventure activity that you wish to enjoy such as camel riding etc. Beat your boredom with the desert safari experience. Since no risks are involved, the desert safari is the choicest option for safe adventures.

Important Tips For The Morning Desert Safari With Quad Buggy Driving:

▪ You may be new to the buggy driving in the morning safari. Have no inhibitions, simply pursue your new adventure… There are no risks involved and it is absolutely safe. Professional guides deliver the simple instructions to ride the dune buggy. You can follow it and enjoy the experience. Basically, the buggies are easy to drive. Even women are able to zoom it across the desert stretch and enjoy great thrills.

▪ In the morning hours, the desert climate is cool and pleasant. The ideal hours for some pulsating adventures. Plan your adventure smartly in these convenient hours. If you are not finding it convenient to enjoy the safari in the morning hours, you can plan your adventure experience in the afternoons or evenings based on your convenience and comforts.

▪ Planning your adventure session in the morning hours is a great option for the early risers. You can use the early hours productively with a great adventure session planned to offer you eclectic experience.

▪ Do not forget to carry your cameras and video cams during the safari. You can catch some brilliant shots of the desert terrains and the desert sunrise view to capture lasting memories of your desert adventures.

▪ There are no risks involved in the adventures of the desert safari. Have a wonderful experience with the delightful offerings of the eclectic safari. Plan a differential experience in the global city, Dubai.

▪ If you have not experimented typical desert adventures, then do not wait any further. Explore the great scope of adventure that the engaging desert safari can offer you at sunrise hours.

▪ With its thrills, the desert safari is most preferred by families, work groups planning to bust stress and it is a popular option of safe adventure. Many visitors from across the globe are eager to seek the thrills of the exciting safari and enjoy an incredible experience in the desert scapes of the golden city, Dubai.

▪ A safe adventure option, the desert safaris are a better preference than other activities where risks are involved. Enjoy a unique experience with safety and convenience ensured by professional tour operators.

▪ Remember to choose the services of well-experienced tour operators. With their ample experience, the tour operators confirm the convenience and comforts of the visitors during the safari. They have already identified all the factors that can affect the experience of the visitors and you can enjoy your experience well.

▪ Your travel is scheduled in air-conditioned SUV vehicles that will transport you in the desert locales.

▪ You can opt for the adventures activities of your choice from the multiple adventures included in the tour. You can opt out of any adventure that you are not particularly interested in. But do not miss out on these splendid adventures. All of them are exciting and safe. You can prolong your preferred adventures for an entire hour on discussion with the tour operators.

▪ After your adventure session, you can relax at the furnished campsite and be comfortable. Enjoy refreshing drinks and unlimited mineral water that will be offered complimentary in your safari.

▪ The morning desert safari Dubai is an ideal adventure option for women, children and family. All the adventure activities are easy and enjoyable. You can plan a rewarding experience in the global city, Dubai planned by tour operators who have a decade of experience in hosting eventful desert safaris.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Morning Desert Safari Dubai With Dune Buggy Driving

1. Are there assistance provided for new adventure-seekers?

Professional drivers cum guides will offer complete assistance to the new adventure-seekers.

1. How many passengers can be accommodated in the vehicles?

6 to 7 passengers can be accommodated in the spacious, air-conditioned vehicles.

1. What are the adventures offered in the morning hours?

You can opt for buggy riding, quad biking, camel trekking, dune bashing and sand boarding.

1. Are there are other safari sessions organized at the convenient hours?

Yes, you can plan evening safari or safari at lunch hours besides the morning safaris.

1. How to book the safaris?

You can contact the tour operators on call or by email. Post your queries at info@desertsafaritours.com or call the tour operators at 009 715 560 17788

1. Is pick-up and drop facility available?

Professional drivers cum guides will pick you from the hotel or destination. You will be dropped back at the hotel or destination at the end of the safari.

1. Can you specify the hours of duration of the morning safari?

The duration of the safari is 5 to 6 hours.

1. I do not have previous experience in buggy driving… what are the options available to me?

You can seek the assistance of professional guides included in the safari. They will provide you clear instructions on driving buggies.

Cautions For The Adventure-Seekers

There are few cautions to be kept in mind while planning your safari. Here are the cautions to adhere:

• If you are a cardiac patient or suffering from chronic back aches, then it is advisable that you refrain from the desert safari experience.

• Pregnant women are also not allowed for the desert safari.

• Children below 4 years are not allowed in the morning desert safari with dune buggy riding either.

With its rewarding offerings, desert safari at sunrise with buggy driving can be the most eventful inclusion in your Dubai tour. Do not forget to enjoy it while planning your vacation in Dubai. If you are bored of the monotonous shopping spree and sightseeing in Dubai, then head for adventures offered by the morning desert safari.

Have an incredible safari experience…Book your tours soon!

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