Yes, our executives will either pick you up from your hotel or from a place fixed prior to your safari or city tour bookings. After the completion of city tour or at the end of the safari tour, we will drop you back at the same place.

We operate different types of tours. Our safaris are either morning or evening safaris which are 4-5 hours long, while overnight safari tour will be about 12 -14 hours long. Similarly, sight seeing or city tours also vary in duration and the duration of each tour will be informed to you prior to making your bookings for the same.

As we have a large fleet of cars and other SUV vehicles, there is no limit to the number of people who can join us on the safari tours. If you have a large group of people, we can make arrangements as per your requirements and we can also offer you customized packages. However, there is a limit of how many people will be accommodated in one 4X4 vehicle during the safari, which we do not exceed.

Yes, we have arrangements for vegetarian food as well. In fact, the available food is a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. So, there are ample of choices for vegetarians and they are not limited to one or two dishes only,

While there is no dress code, but we recommend you to wear loose and comfortable clothing. As you are going to be a part of desert safari, cotton clothing will give maximum comfort. We also recommend wearing slippers or sandals in place of shoes to ensure that no sad gets struck in your shoes an bothers your feet. A hat or cap and sunglasses will also be good to carry.


The ride to the desert safari is slightly bumpier, so you should be prepared for that, and it would be recommended that older people or pregnant women should be a little careful. Apart from this, you need not to prepare anything as we offer everything that you might need during your desert safari tour. We also have plenty of water and other soft drinks to quench your thirst at the camp; thus, you do not need to carry any of these.


Dune Bashing comes under the category of adventure sports and is only suitable for the people who are ready to take up a rough ride in the sands. Thus, if you feel frightened, sick or fear an injury, it is recommended that you should indulge in other activities that can give you an essence of desert and should not participate in dune bashing. Camel rides are a great alternative to take a walk in the desert while avoiding the bumpy dune bashing.

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