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Sunrise Desert Safari in Ghost Village


Sunrise Desert Safari in Mystic Ghost Village

Before detailing about Sunrise Desert Safari in Mystic Ghost Village, let us have a sneak peak of UAE as a whole. UAE or United Arab Emirates, the hub of developments and opportunities is also an acclaimed touristic destination. The land of skyscrapers and lofty towers is an incredible destination for globe-trotters and tourists alike. With a warm culture and great hospitality, the most developed Middle Eastern country, UAE is accommodating visitors from across the globe. Its global city, Dubai, one of the most developed cities in the Middle East and also in the world are located in the country. A top shopping destination, the city is a popular choice among globe-trotters and shoppers with an array of sprawling shopping malls located in the global city.

Sunrise Desert Safari in abandoned village

Dubai is a commercial capital and the most developed one in the Middle East. Do not forget to plan exploration in the city. It is a shopping capital and hosts some of the best shopping malls in the country brimming with products of international brands. A great commercial destination, Dubai hosts the grand Dubai Shopping Festivals every year showcasing international brands and global products. It is also the land of skyscrapers in the Middle East. The tallest tower, Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai and is a great fascination for tourists from around the globe. There are also other skyscrapers in the city and it is the most urbanized, cosmopolitan city in the Middle East. Do not miss out on the great destination during your visit to the Middle East. Every year visitors are brimming into Dubai for its attractions. An array of eclectic offerings such as grand museums, fine dining restaurants and business centres are surging the importance of the city and it is a globally renowned trade centre and best destination for sightseeing.

A visit to the Middle East is incomplete without exploring its mystic roots and past of the Arabian territory that you are treading. You may be curious to know all about the land and your interests are genuine. And you possess the right spirit. There are mysterious destinations to visit in the Arabian Peninsula; plan your explorations to the discrete locations. Now you have the opportunity to get close to the realities that you have stumbled upon in the Arabian fables or tales such as Aladdin and the magic lamp. Now the buried village is a great destination for the tourists who want to explore omens of the distinct lands. Middle East is closely associated with mystic elements and it has a background in these lines. The Arabian Peninsula has been the home of sorcery and evil prowess as its history testifies. Over the years, the evil-doers in the land have been overcome with noble power and now, the realm is proving to be a safe destination for dwelling. From its evil past, the Middle East have progressed dynamically to the glorious stages of development that the state is witnessing in the recent era.

You are most likely to find the backgrounds in the tales in the Arabian territory and also the supernatural elements once you plan an exploration in UAE and its special locations. A destination of supernatural elements that can capture your interests is a buried village… Add this new destination to your travel list – the buried village of Al Madam. You may not be a brave-heart to explore the eerie village by yourself, but your curiosity is overwhelming. You have a pulse for adventure and exploration teemed with indomitable spirits. You have a good solution to opt, plan a dessert safari tour to the village. The newly introduced sunrise desert safari in Ghost Village , al Madam can offer you a great exhilaration and a splendid experience to remember for a long time.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the buried village and its ominous history. It is located 37 miles away from global city, Dubai. Experienced tour operators ensure that both your exploration spree and safari experience are enjoyable. The buried village and safari organized here offers differential experience to the visitors. If mystic elements intrigue you, then the buried village can be your preferred option of visit in UAE. You can enjoy the splendid safari experience planned in the village and have a rewarding experience to etch in your memory forever.


Have you decided to explore the Sunrise Safari in Ghost Village? Here are the highlights for your understanding of the tour plans:

▪ Pick up and drop facility

You are not familiar with places in UAE but possess a great spirit to explore UAE. Do not worry…the desert safari planned in the country includes pick up and drop facility. Professional drivers will reach your destination and reach you to the locale. At the end of the safari, you will dropped at your destination.

Pick up timing: 4 to 4.30 AM Drop timing: 9.30 AM

Sunrise experience in the buried village, Al Madam

The brilliant glow of sun casts its golden rays on the desert scapes of the buried village of Al Madam. Watch the splendid sunrise during your visit at the early hours. Catch the spectacular view; you can also shoot some good photographs or videos of the natural scene and treasure your memories. The sunrise scene is among the best natural ones.

▪ Quick Breakfast

To fuel your spirit of discovery and enthusiasm, you need to be charged with energy. A special breakfast is served to you during your exploration and you can be replenished for your tour.

▪ Visit to Camel farms

Camels are ubiquitous in the desert terrains. You will have the opportunity to have a close look at the tame creatures and get familiar to them. If you haven’t visited desert terrains before, you may not have opportunity to be observe these animals. Don’t miss the great opportunity to visit the farm with camels. Find out all about camels in the farm that breeds them and settle your curiosity.

▪ Sand boarding

With a pair of sand boards, you can plan great thrills on the large sand dunes. Simply start your new sand boarding experience with your feet placed in the footholds of the sand boards. With guidance from the professional guides, learn to glide down along the dunes rapidly, seeking great thrills along the way.

▪ Dune Driving

Dune driving is among the most thrilling desert adventures. You can be seated comfortably in the air-conditioned vehicles with belts fastened securely. Professional drivers will race you up and down the large sand dunes abruptly offering great thrills. They are experienced in swerving you on the dunes and offering great exhilaration.

There are lot of mystic elements surrounding the Ghost Village of Al Madam. Let us explore it one after the other during our desert safari and unravel the mysteries associated with the destination. The desert safari is planned to offer you great, pulsating experience in the tour.


Here are few questions that will arise in your mind about the buried village.

Does the Ghost village have an ominous past?

Explorers have found identical houses that may have been built in the 1980s in the same housing project. There is also a mosque in the village. Sand is filled in the houses, in many cases up to the roof. The houses seem cosy and there may have been evident reasons why they have been abandoned.

Why has people abandoned it?

If people abandoned their houses, there may have been sound reasons for it. It could be ominous activities of evil-doers or sorcery as suspect by many. The reasons for the abandonment of buried village has puzzled many and no single reason has been identified and confirmed.

What to explore in UAE?

Though with an erratic past, the buried village of Al Madam is a beautiful oasis that should be visited. While planning your vacations in the Middle East, be confirmed to visit the mystic location and explore it well. It is located 60 km from Dubai and 50 km from Sharjah on the Dubai-Hatta road. The town is under the governance of Sharjah emirate. Choose a great adventure session and plan exploration in the village and unravel its top secrets.

Apart from the buried village, there are plenty of locations to explore in UAE such as Sharjah, capital city Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, Dubai and Umm Al Quwain which constitute the 7 Emirates of UAE. The country is a renowned destination for luxury tourism. With majestic hotels and amenities, UAE is a most preferred destination among business traveller and vacationers from across the globe flowing into the city.

Popular Activities in UAE

You have an array of activities and experiences to enjoy in UAE. Plan desert safaris, Dhow-cruising or common adventures such as bungee jumping and beach activities. Based on your preference and budget, you can plan your activities. With the introduction of desert safaris, you have option to pursue typical desert adventures in the global emirates.

Plan your tour soon and enjoy an incredible experience in UAE…Book your safari at the earliest…

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