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Best Desert Safari Tours In Dubai 2020

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai has become the most recommended tourist spot for voyagers who visit Dubai to have a splendid vacation. The beautiful landscape is enriched with a myriad of wonderful sights with adventurous activities and for those who are highly enthusiastic about exploring through the golden sands of Dubai, it would be a special treat. Our desert safari tour packages offer the best service for our guests that would repel them back to explore the beautiful barren land. We provide morning, evening, and overnight desert safari tour packages and you can choose according to your convenience. Each package we propose is arranged in a customized and organized manner, and the quality is guaranteed by our happy customers.

The experience you garner from the desert landscape will be an irreplaceable page of your travel diary. An array of adventurous activities and multiple events or programs that depicts the culture and tradition of Arabian land, the desert safari program would make you ecstatic. In short, if you wish to explore, discover and experience the wonderful golden land of Dubai, come and grab the best desert safari tour packages offered by us since we are dedicated to serving our guests to help them capture the best moments of their life.


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Desert Safari in Dubai

Explore the Arabian land with your friends and family with our group of safari tour packages and add bulk of cheerful memories to your cart. Without experiencing the essence of desert land, travelers find their trip incomplete and thus the destination is becoming a major tourist attraction in Dubai. The modern phase of Dubai with buildings, malls, and other interesting places, the impact of desert safari in Dubai on the tourists is remarkable. Most of the people who visit Dubai will never end up their journey without spending a day in the cozy desert landscape.

Our desert safari packages offer mesmerizing sunrise and sunset experience, camel ride along with adventurous activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, etc. You can also witness a variety of cultural and traditional events, where you will be served with delicious BBQ dinner. Desert Safari in Dubai with our dedicated team will be the perfect match for your dream of cherishing traditional Dubai landscape to its core. Enjoy your trip to Dubai with our packages of early morning to overnight desert safari. Plan for your days in Dubai, and witness the flora and fauna of the desert land with our customized package.

We are one of the pioneer companies based in Dubai who started offering Dubai Desert Safari Tour. The company is known for excellent desert safari sites and warm hospitality to make sure, every guest who joins us, gets the best of the desert safari tours. We make sure; Dubai Desert Safari stays a lifelong memory for you.

Get your Arabian Nights Safari

Dubai is a part of the rich Arabian culture. Considered as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Dubai has many things to offer. It is the land of Arabs and the homeland of Sindbad the sailor, which has promising places for a Powerpack holiday with fun, adventure, and leisure. The city has inherited Arabic culture and lifestyle which you can witness when you opt for Arabian Nights safari. You can experience the great Arabian culture with us. This is a promise to you for a power-packed vacation planned especially for your family with desert safari tours.

Price, Rates, Cost for desert safari

Each of the packages at Desert Safari Tours is designed with a lot of caution so that you shall don’t miss even a single moment of fun here. At the same time, we make sure you get the best deal from us. Being no: 1 company to offer Desert Safari Tour, we kept our rates most competitive in the market. When you come to us for a desert safari tour package, do not worry about the cost and price! We have the best places with a stunning campsite at very affordable rates.

Moreover, we have designed some exclusive packages. The most popular packages are:

Hatta Package
Morning Desert Safari Tour Package
Best Desert Safari Dubai Evening Packages

Also, to enjoy your privacy, we have a private desert safari tour option. Whether you are coming with your life partner, family, kids, elders, friends, colleagues, or even some special guest, we have the best hospitality to offer.

Safari Tours Deals, Discount

For the best deal (Shhhh…. Something special we are talking about) for desert safari tour, Contact Us. You can mail us or call us. We have some special offers running for a limited period of time. Avail your discount today!

Desert Safari Dubai Reviews

Since the year of establishment, we have grown bigger and better. Every year, we accompany thousands of tourists and travelers across the world, and they truly love us. Our TripAdvisor Reviews, Google Reviews, Our desert safari tour sites, packages, ATV vehicles, hotels, restaurants, night stay campsite in the deep desert, and the places we take you are always the best in the class. That makes us NO: 1 Desert Safari Tour Company. We make sure, you cherish the memories’ lifetime and you come back soon.

A blessed and joyous Mawlid Al Nabawi to you all. Enjoy Desert Safari Dubai Deals in 29th October 2020

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Desert Safari Tours

Planning for a Dubai tour this vacation? Then be quick and plan for a day to spend in the beautiful barren land of wonders through our well-organized desert safari tours package. Desert Safari is the must-do activities in Dubai; never miss your chance to experience the traditional realm of Dubai. Earlier the place was just considered as a vast barren land with no fantasy or fascinations. Gradually, the unattractive barren land has become the top tourist spot in Dubai, and almost 70% of travelers visit Dubai to witnesses the beauty of this land and also to witness the historical culture and tradition in the Arabian land.

Desert Safari Dubai

Exploring through the golden sands of the desert landscape provides a full-fledge essence of the Bedouin lifestyle of the Arabs. Our desert safari tours are currently one of the top recommended desert safari tours. We are dedicated to serve you with our best offers and make your trip amazing. Enjoy your life at the desert to its fullest and experience its enchanting flora and fauna with a standard price. We believe in providing flexible offers at an affordable cost. Our team of experts in safari with our flexible offers will help you to make a beautiful and memorable day in Dubai.

Experience Dubai

Enjoy Unmatched Extravaganza...

Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Desert safari is the most thrilling tourist spot, combined with thrills, enjoyment, adventures, and fantasy. The day you spend on this land of golden sands will take you to the top of the world with complete joy and entertainment. The adventurous activities involved in the brochures of Dubai desert safari tours includes dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and dune bugging, but these activities apart from its adventurous aspects will give you a lifetime memory if done according to the instructions. Our experienced team at desert safari tours guarantees you with our customized Dubai safari offers and would boost your adrenaline rush. We provide a complete desert safari tour package for Dubai, USA, India and all countries’s citizens from mesmerizing visual treat of sunrise/sunset to adventurous activities, camel ride in the cozy atmosphere to delicious BBQ feast, and henna design painting to various cultural events done by professionals. You can choose your preferred safari tours according to your convenience, but each package we propose is arranged in a customized and organized manner and also unique. Be quick and enjoy your moments in Dubai with us!.

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 Desert Safari Dubai Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Desert Safari Dubai?

Generally speaking, it is a safari through dunes on the sand, normally on a jeep but there can be multiple options, based on the package you choose like sunrise desert safari, morning desert safari, afternoon desert safari, evening desert safari, overnight desert safari, etc. It is a really unique experience mainly owing to the landscape through which you will be on the drive. According to your inclinations, you can select morning, night, or evening for the safari. It’s not about the drive alone but the food, entertainment, and many other inclusions throughout. Refer our packages to know more.

Are kids allowed in Desert safari Dubai?

desert safari Dubai

Yes, kids are normally allowed in Desert Safari Dubai. Almost all the packages are suitable for kids as well unless they have any specific medical conditions. Also, kids will really enjoy the experience in the deserts. Photo session with the falcon, chances of spotting different wildlife, etc. can be quite thrilling. Please note that kids below 5 ages should always be accompanied by their parents or guardians. 

What should I wear during the Safari?

It’s your wish; there are no such specifications. Still, we want you to enjoy the experience at its fullest. So, we would recommend you to wear relaxing clothing. To start with, you may wear comfortable trousers, a hat, sunglasses, etc. Sunscreen and lotions would be really helpful. In short, use adjustable and looser clothes (breathable) which can be suitable for both cold and hot temperatures. Remember you will be on dunes and avoid clothes that would make you carry and deposit dust wherever you walk.  

Are the desert safari tours Dubai absolutely safe?

desert safari Dubai

Yes, of course, …the desert safari in Dubai are devoid of all risks. Every year thousands of visitors enjoy the experience and the tour is proven for safety.  There are basically no precautions to be undertaken instead of enjoying the safari experience well.

Is the Private safari option available?

Yes, families, workgroups, or couples can plan Private desert safari in Dubai. You may be a person who enjoys good privacy and wants to spend a gala time with your friends and workgroup. You can plan group adventures with close groups for an eclectic and stress-busting experience in the desert scopes choosing the private desert safari Dubai.

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Incredible Desert Safari Dubai

5.0 rating
July 28, 2020

An amazing day and unique emotions once n a lifetime. I also recommend making optional experiences.
The tour operator Dubai desert safari tours and tour guide service is exceptional.
Highly recommended.

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