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A list of things to do in Dubai to Excel Your Tour Experience


Dubai is that destination which encompasses as a dynamic business centre and a holiday hotspot. Shopping, dining, hotels, you name it, and Dubai has it. From the tranquillity and calm of the desert to the hustle and rush of the souk, an Arabian adventure encompasses it all. Things to do in Dubai is a subject of wide spectrum, as the Dubai attraction compromises of rugged mountains to awe inspiring dunes, beautiful beaches to lush parks, remote villages to state of the art techno habitats, ancient houses to ultra modern malls.

For those who are into adventure and sports, Arabian adventures will not let you down. The incredible experience of deserts and mountains, Portuguese forts and a lot more attractions will kindle the spirits of any adventurer. As you bend about the beautiful dry riverbeds in the Hajjar mountains, you are in for a surprise to reach the fresh water pools and gift yourself well deserved refreshment and relaxing getaway.

Helicopter tours are an awesome Arabian adventure. View the impeccable prestige of Dubai from the skies. The beauty of the place, the balanced poise and the planned ventures, the mixture of nature and technology, explained in detail by an able aid, the helicopter tours are a sure hit.

The east coast offers wonders of the marine world. Go scuba diving and snorkelling. After the fun, relax by the dunes listening to exotic music and feast on the most divine of cuisines. On the way back, a trip passing the ports and harbours gives insight into the life and times of those medieval traders and the current trends as well.

Loosen your purse string, and splurge your heart out in Dubai, the ultimate shopping center of the world. With more than a score of shopping malls, the profusion of choices is simply spectacular. Gold, jewellery, high fashion, big brands, electronics, carpets, handicrafts, local art and tattoos, vintage brews, spices, the list is never-ending.

A Dubai desert safari is the best way to experience the charm and charisma of the place. Winsome and able guides make sure you have an adventure trip of your life, in a completely safe and fun manner. Camel rides, Dune crashing, halts at the most serene of places for wonderful photo shoots, palette tingling exotic dishes and drinks, Sasha, and many more deliverables.

The list of things to do in Dubai is simply endless, merely because of the multitude of surprises the city has to offer. Live your dream; make it large with the Arabian adventures.

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