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Best desert Safari Dubai and a Famous Adventure Hub

Best desert Safari Dubai and a Famous Adventure Hub

Are you a compulsive shopper or thrill seeker…. If you are both better. You can have a riot indulging in both activities during your Dubai tour. Incidentally, Dubai has become a famous adventure hub with the introduction of Dubai Desert safari. You can pack your day with a series of safe adventures such as dune bashing, quad biking, sand surfing, camel riding, and buggy riding.

desert falcon and Dubai desert safari

Dubai Desert Safari Tours

With the guidance of expert Dubai Desert tour operators, you can enjoy an excellent experience. Expert tour operators can provide step by step by guidance and you can enjoy new adventures in the desert terrains of Dubai. You can choose from different adventure activities or pursue your favorite activities. Try out each adventure activity and choose your favorite from the experience. You may have not experienced desert adventures before, grab the opportunity now and explore it during your desert safari tours.

desert safari dubai

Best desert safari Dubai for families

If you are hesitant to experience pulsating adventures, then you can opt for camel riding and start your experience at the best Dubai Desert Safari tours. Ladies and kids simply love the experience of riding atop the camel and watching the glowing sun emerge from the horizon. You can click some excellent photos in the desert and etch your experience. You need not have any inhibitions in riding camels, they are the tamest animals trained for riding in deserts.

happy desert safari dubai

Desert safari Dubai for Kids

Plan Safe Adventures In Dubai Desert Tours

Best desert safari Dubai and a famous adventure hub, A professional guide helps you settle atop the camel and you can explore the desert-scapes. Depending on your experience, you can plan your ride from 15 minutes to I hour. All the desert activities are safe adventures and there are no risks involved. It is a great idea to try out all adventures without missing out on any. 

desert safari with camel trekking in dubai

desert safari with camel trekking in Dubai

Dune bashing, for example, is an adventure that can be planned only in deserts. Experiment with it during your Dubai tour. With professional drivers experienced in offering the thrills of riding up and down the large sand dunes, you can enjoy a great, splendid experience. At the end of the adventure, if you are heavy-hearted that your fine dune bashing experience has ended, do not regret it… There are equally thrilling, new adventures to enjoy.

You can experiment with quad biking, buggy riding, sand surfing, and other experiences. In buggy riding, you are accompanied by drivers in the 4-wheeler vehicle and ridden through the desert-scapes at a good speed. You will simply love the off-road experience riding in the buggy with an automated power engine. A truly delightful and safe experience to enjoy!

desert safari dubai with Tanoura dancing show

desert safari Dubai with Tanoura dancing show

Quad biking is another great adventure to experiment in the desert. You can plan an accompanied or unaccompanied adventure on Quad bikes and enjoy its thrills. Even as you are busy with the adventure activities, you need not miss out on any convenience. Your tour operators will offer you complimentary drinks and mineral water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. They plan the tour cleverly so that you have ample fun and no direct heat from the sun. Dune bashing is planned in fully air-conditioned vehicles and you will not be affected by heat. 

Besides the thrills, you can enjoy sumptuous breakfast on the dunes and barbeque dinner. In the evening, you can enjoy a lavish dinner and other entertainments at the camp such as Belly dancing and Tanoura dancing, henna tattooing for women and Shisha smoking.

desert safari Dubai with beautiful sunset

desert safari Dubai with a beautiful sunset view

You need not worry about the arrangement for the tour as experienced tour operators are at your best service. You will be picked up from your hotel or destination by professional drivers and dropped back at the hotel of destination at the end of your eventful Dubai Desert Safari.

Enjoy your tour with desert safari Dubai

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