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Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Tanura dance in Dubai

Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai

A Dubai trip is essentially incomplete without a desert safari. Dubai’s desert safaris are adrenaline-pumping experiences that you should not miss. The best time to enjoy the very essence of desert life is during the evenings. This Safari is for the whole family to enjoy. 

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

The Dubai Evening Desert Safari usually kicks off late in the afternoon with a drive to the amazing sand dunes that seem never-ending. The usual spot for the Dubai Evening Desert Safari is the Dubai Conservation Reserve or the Red Lahbab Desert. The option of picking up from the visitor’s place of stay is available. It is good to carry a light sweater and scarf for the evening safari. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes/sandals.

In the evening, the red sand seems to glisten and the Arabian Desert reflects the colors of the setting sun. The Best Evening Desert Safari in Dubai is for those visitors who want to avoid the hot sun during the day. After the sun sets on the Arabian sands, it is time for the cool evening breeze to which takes over. The rest of the evening is for the visitor to relax, enjoy and get entertained.

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Evening Desert Safari Activities

There are many activities that make up the Dubai Evening Desert Safari. All these are designed to keep the visitor engaged and wanting more. The safari starts with a dune bashing experience on a hummer or any 4 x 4 SUV. The driver takes the visitors on an adrenaline trip bashing the sand dunes around. This trip is not recommended for pregnant women, the elderly and children below three years. 

After this, it is photography time. It is a good idea to click some photographs because it may be a long while before the next safari. Visitors can ride a quad bike or a dune buggy or experience the thrill of sandboarding. Children entertain themselves by sliding on the steep dunes and playing with the sand. 

Some of the safaris also arrange falcon hunting, the traditional sport of the Arabs. The ambiance is surreal and there is a lot of excitement in waiting for the next set of events to unfold.

Dining and Entertainment

The Dubai Evening Desert Safari has more surprises in store. Visitors can have a feel of riding the camel with help from a guide. Visitors can also choose to get painted with fancy designs on their hands using henna. Shisha smoking with different flavors is made available for visitors. 

Professional tanoura and belly dancers entertain the visitors with their mesmerizing movements. Visitors can even join them in the dance. Sometimes, fire dancers enthrall visitors with their tricks and movements. Visitors can get photographed wearing traditional Arab clothes.

The evening safari ends with a delicious dinner at the desert camp. The dinner at the Bedouin camp offers a widespread for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A large spread of Continental, Arabian and traditional food is on offer. From coffee to fruits and tender grilled meat, the meal is designed to tickle the visitors’ taste buds. The meal is usually a lavish 3-course spread with samosas, BBQ chicken, hummus, salads, and fresh fruit. There is usually an unlimited supply of water, soft drinks, tea, and coffee. 

The sight of the sky from the camp in the desert is calm and soothing. The dark sky is littered with a million twinkling stars. The visitor can also choose to get dropped at the place of stay from the safari camp or sleep in the camp to continue into the Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai.

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