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Desert Safari Dubai – a Must-Visit Attraction


Dubai is a paradise for tourist and one of the most visited places on earth. A well developed city with the best engineering architecture, shopping centers and hotels, this all along with the natural beauty of the place makes the Dubai tour a memorable experience in the Arabian adventures. The “Desert Safari” is one of the attractions, which you can’t miss when in Dubai. No matter for what reason you visit in Dubai, maybe for business or for vacation or a trip, don’t miss to spend some time to have an exuberating experience in the ‘never ending sands’ of the Dubai Desert. A desert safari can be considered as a time to refresh your senses and to cheer you up.

Desert safaris can be experienced in the Morning, Evening and in the Night. The Desert Safari Dubai involves various attractions like camel safari, camping, quad biking, Sand Boarding, buggy safari, Shisha and exotic belly dancing show with the best BBQ served and a few more attractions based on the tours package that you opt. Camping in the deserts of Dubai allows you to view their beautiful Arabian culture and it also allows you enjoy a calm and peaceful evening with the vivid taste of the Arabian cuisines under the star lit sky. There are tour guides who guide you through the Sand dunes and the other beauty of the desert and make it a memorable expedition of your life. There are some safety measures which one needs to keep in mind while on this expedition, for example, people with heart and back problems are not suggested for this and also it’s recommended not to take valuables min order to keep the desert clean and litter free.

Desert Safari certainly brings is a unique opportunity to feel the thrill of riding a bike and adventurous moment to spend in a luxurious SUV car with sightseeing activities. You obviously won’t like to miss a chance to slide on the high dunes of desert, also known as “Sand Skiing”.

The Holidays in Dubai attracts lots of tourists from all over the globe to take a vacation quite remarkable and enjoyable. It’s a time which one never forgets as it’s a complete different and thrilling experience in itself. The safari is to experience the sound, sands and silence of the desert. Once you experience it you would always want to come back and do it again and again!!

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