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Desert Safari Dubai – Tips for Planning


Every tourist place has its own attractions so Dubai has desert safari Dubai. In desert safari Dubai tour you can enjoy endless dune bashing, desert sceneries, Bedouin visits, campsite and lot more. All desert safari Dubai tour operators have same schedules but the skills or land cruiser drivers, facilities and insurance as well as facilities at campsite makes difference in the price but you will get what you expend is guarantee here.

There are only four tour operators allowed to go to desert reservoir so if you have planning to go there choose them carefully. There are mainly two times: morning desert safari and evening desert safari tours which attracts many tourist. Evening desert safari Dubai starts from 4:00pm and finished at 10:00pm at night. When you head for desert safari doesn’t drink lots of water before as dune bashing is very bumpy journey. Keep a good hat, sunglass and camera if possible video camera.

You must have some cash and credit card with you so you can spend on water, snacks, etc on comfort stop, the souvenir shop as well as on the photo or video from official photographers. You cloths should be comfortable and loose so that doesn’t irritate you during travelling. You know in Dubai you should have enough dresses to cover your body particularly for women, but during desert safari Dubai you would be solely in the company of other tourists like you can wear shorts and thin strap tops and men can wear shorts.

During winter temperature in desert is slightly low than that of city so cloths accordingly. There are many occasions for you to come out from the vehicles and onto the sand so open shoes, thongs or sandals are appropriate to socks and sneakers. Here sand granules are very fine and gets everywhere in your shoes so prepare for that. You need not to stock drinking water as you will get chilled and pure water at every stop. You need to worry about the location of desert as it is just 45 minutes away from main city so your real experience of desert safari Dubai won’ squeeze due to prolonged journey to reach at destination.

When you prefer good or moderate priced tours you will have skilled drivers enough insurance coverage so you need not to worry about steep rides. When you arrived at campsite first of all secure a good spot nearby dance floor so you can enjoy them very well. At campsite you will have some free time to enjoy some additional activities like henna tattoos, Arabic coffee and dates, smoking an apple shisha, dressing up traditional clothing, etc. so use your time judiciously.

When you think of buying something at campsite remember that they will come with double price as you found in malls in Dubai city. Moreover, don’t give your name unless you want to buy sand bottles personalized with your names otherwise they will force you to buy one. Apart from Bedouin camp you have lots of things to enjoy around you so come out and enjoy them. This way desert safari Dubai is with lots of fun for your afternoon or evening time so go out from your hotel or city comfort and enjoy wilderness in lonely deserts.

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