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Dubai Attraction – Too hard to resist!


Dubai, the most exquisite place on earth, where technology combines seamlessly with natural landscapes to create a world which is almost too good to be true is a holiday destination which is always in bloom. Designated the world’s safest holiday destination by the International Travel Industry, the Dubai attraction is cemented the world over.

A fulfilling experience is the view one gets atop a hot air balloon trip. The cool winds blowing across your face, the serene and never ending desert sands, the almost geometrically perfect dune formations, the Bedouin natural sceneries, the ultra modern areas of Dubai, the composure of the city, the skyline and a lot more. Flying in a hot air balloon over Dubai is truly a great experience.

There are two types of skiing in Dubai. The ski Dubai, where you can ski your heart’s content on artificial snow, with formidable ambiences, and the other is skiing on the natural beauty of the desert region of Dubai. Apart from camel rides, quad bikes are a surreal Dubai attraction. Explore the beautiful yet mysterious desert at your own pace and make the activity unforgettable.

For that adrenaline rush freaks, a Dubai desert safari does the trick which is an exciting and adventurous trip in which the dune bashers break free and live wild in their dune buggies. Climbing up and down the mountain sized sand dunes in flashy buggies and bikes, throwing up a lot of sand in the process, revs up the hormones. A desert safari is one of the best things to do in Dubai.

A Dubai city tour is the ideal selection for a time of being laid back and relaxing. Experience the best of the modern as well as the ancient world, as the tour snakes through the ruggedness of the place, which lets a person visit historic mosques to trendy trade centers. A break at the creek is a must, as it replenishes the senses with the serene beauty and the calm the place has to offer. A water taxi trip encapsulates the creek and lends and eye on the spices and gold souks. The trip ends with the spice gardens, where mystical aromas linger in the air, and the breath taking amount of dazzling jewellery attracts the excited eyes.

Situated halfway between Europe and Asia, Dubai is one of the best locations on the planet. Dubai offers a range of hotels to suit every taste and budget. Dubai is a shoppers paradise and is the second most in vogue shopping arena in the world. Eclectic array of festivals and cultural occasions round the year light up the feelings. The nightlife of Dubai, with its ultra modern hotels and discotheques is amongst the best on the planet. The heritage and museums of Dubai are also well documented and rich in stock.

Pamper yourselves and your loved ones, experience the Arabian adventures!

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