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Dubai City Tour : What you can Aim For?


Dubai has its position in the list of the most beautiful cities of the world. It is one of seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It is the second largest emirate which is visited by large number of people throughout the year. It is a suggestion that one should spare entire day for the Dubai city tour. It shall give you an out of the world experience seeing the different architectural creations.

The city tour includes visit tothe most fine-looking landmarks. As one knows the fact that Dubai is quite well known for the architecture that it possesses. When one visits it, they agree to this point. The architecture found here has a modern touch with a wide use of latest technology.

The different places that are included in this one day tour are marvelously crafted Jumeirah Mosque, the enchanting Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious and tallest standing hotel tower in the world.This would be followed by the visit to the commercial district that is the Sheikh Zayed road where one shall find the up-to-date and fresh of the construction in the buildings that compete with each other. The list includes Emirates Towers, World Trade Centre. The next stop would be at the Sheikh’s palace. It really is magnificent and masterpiece of architecture. The old wind towers at Bastaquia which have ancient cooling system are also a part of the visit.

The next stop is the Sheikh’s palace where one more masterpiece of architecture awaits you. The Dubai museum in the Al Fahidi Fort is a must visit. If time permits then a stroll at the bank of the creek would give a refreshing experience.The experience of the grandeur of ancient Arabian architecture is amazing. While moving to Abra the world famous water taxis are used. It is sure that no one would have had such an experience so far in life.

This shall be followed by shopping and walk through the spice souk and you shall enter the world famous Dubai Gold Souk. On special request the travel agency offers visits to additional places like heritage village, fish market, Irish village, the Palm Island pre-opening view. Visiting the Burj Al Arab is mandatory. It is the only 7 star hotels in United Arab Emirates. We will end this tour with a stop at one of the most beautiful mosque in Dubai, called The Jumeirah Mosque. Its large central dome and twin minarets set it apart from other mosques. This is the only mosque in Dubai, which allows Non – Muslims to enter. This tour covers all most al the beautiful and historic places that are a must watch in Dubai so do not miss this tour of Dubai.

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