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Enjoy Exhilarating Desert Safari Dubai Tours


Looking for a new experience in Dubai?  You may be bored with exploring the malls of the city, shopping in fashion outlets and sightseeing around the global destination. Malls are ubiquitous in all developed destinations. You are not too keen to shop around every day. Instead, you want an intriguing option that will be both exciting and engaging. Yes, Dubai has some unique thrills to offer you… it is the most preferred adventure hub in the Middle East apart from its popularity as a great shopping destination hosting mega-events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival. Now you can experience desert safari Dubai tours and have a pulsating adventure in the desert terrains of the global city.

You essentially require some adventure to have a riot in Dubai but you are undecided…There are a series of questions arising in your mind and you are wondering on the inclusions of the desert safari Dubai tours. What are the highlights and events of the desert safari offered by the experienced tour operators? The desert safaris in Dubai have much to offer the thrill-seekers and gift them a great experience. With a series of pulsating adventures, you will enjoy every moment of your desert activities. Expert tour operators have cleverly planned the safari to offer you an enriching experience in Dubai.

They have included thrilling activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, buggy riding, sand boarding and camel riding to provide you with an exhilarating experience. With an awesome experience, you can bust your stress, mitigate the work pressures that have affected your nerves. The maxim ‘All Work And No Play Leaves Jack A Dull Boy’ is highly applicable to you if you are not planning good leisure activities during work tenure. With the desert safari experience, you can bust your stress and have a wonderful experience. You can enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, buggy riding and sand boarding for an awesome, thrill-seeking experience.

Dune bashing is one of the best adventures in Dubai. Professional drivers race you in air-conditioned, large vehicles up and down the large sand dunes of the desert terrains. You will simply surge in excitement as the skilled, ace drivers, swerve you and abruptly steer up large dunes and drop down from the top of large dunes. You may assure that this is the best desert experience ever. Wait! Don’t be in a hurry to confirm your decision. Other adventures are in line and you have not experienced them yet…

After the splendid dune bashing adventure, you have other pulsating activities such as sand boarding, quad biking, buggy riding and camel riding. You can opt for your best adventures or if you are enthusiastic, you can experience all the desert adventures one after the other. The common trend is that the visitors opt for all adventures and even prolong them once they are in the groove for the activities.

You can even start your adventure session with camel riding and extend it from 15 minutes to 1 hour if you love the experience. If you want to prolong your adventures, it is ideal that you opt for the morning desert safaris or evening desert safaris. Women can also opt for these two options as the climate is cool and pleasant during these hours and you can avoid any tanning while planning your activities in these periods. You will be able to prolong each of your adventures and enjoy it in a pleasant climate. There are best offerings in both these safari options. During the morning desert safari, delicious dune breakfast is served and during the evening desert safari, you can enjoy a lavish barbeque dinner with entertainments to offer you an eclectic experience.

Have an incredible adventure experience in Dubai!

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