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Evening Desert Safari – Throughout Year Entertainment in Dubai


When you are on Polar Regions or on snow mountains you naturally expect the funny and memorable moments with snow and snow related recreational activities. Same the way in desert you will have a vast open space filled with sands to get some sort of funs and entertainments. There are plenty of Deserts found around the world for desert safari like entertainment, but Dubai has its own attractions as being the biggest and beautiful desert in all Arabian Peninsula it offers plethora of fun.

There is advanced desert safari tourism exists in Dubai where you will have all sorts of latest facilities of transportations like air conditional land cruise packed with all possible security facilities and perfect management. Dubai has mainly two seasons; summer and winter. Summer is scorching day time with above 45 degree temperature, but evenings are quite comfortable while winter has all time comfort in sense of temperature.

Due to high temperature many tourist prefer evening desert safari tours in summer. Moreover, evening desert safari tours are of prolonged hours among the all various time desert safaris. There are many activities that are possible only on evening time. Evening desert safari begins after 4:00pm so you can enjoy spectacular views of sun drifting below the horizon of vast landscape. Usually due to safety reasons all land cruise start at the same time and a caravan of land cruises run in a row in the desert. This super speed journey pumps adrenaline when zipping over the sand dunes.

In desert you can enjoy slipping over descents on sand boards, can do sand skiing and a lots of adventurous activities. Camel riding is another source of fun. Scenic lovers have lot to enjoy and grabbing the beauty of desert in their cameras so you don’t forget to have a good camera with you. There are various sands and mountains landscapes located in this Arabian Desert which call you to explore more and more.

There are camps located among the sea of sands with latest facilities offering all sorts of comfort to the dear tourists. The real attraction of evening desert safari is its nigh feasting on lavish food prepared through traditional Arabic cooking practices and mouth liking recipes. True enjoyments comes from the traditional shows in campsite particularly Al Maha desert frsorts of Emirates Airlines which is one of the good campsites nested in middle of the sand sea. This beautiful campsite is situated in the conservation reserves where several flora and fauna along with exquisite wildlife like gazelle, antelope, tropical lizard, stripped hyena, falcon, caracal, etc. can excited you enough

Remember only four evening desert safari tour operators and permitted to enter in the reserved area so be careful to choose your evening desert safari tour operator. In campsite you will have traditional henna designing on your legs and hands, traditional hukkahs sipping and belly dance to enjoy your evening desert safari moments. Dinner is presented in traditional Arabic ways as well as Mediterian ways. You will leave evening desert safari campsite with heavy hearts at 10:00pm and land cruise will bring you back at your original location and then local transport vehicles will drop you at your home or hotel.

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