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Experience Arabian Adventure in Dubai


In old times the Middle East was well thought-out as the lagging behind and war torn apart of the place in the world by the people from western and other countries for visiting and even business purpose. But now the Middle East have made progress and got success drastically. Now hundreds and thousands of visitors and tourists visit Dubai just for spending their quality time exploring the city. Dubai has the most amazing blend of natural as well as the artificial beauties.

As the tourists and visitors prefer Dubai for spending holidays the government of the country have started giving emphasize to the tourism section and have started it developing and making it better. The government has changed the motive and is giving most of the attention to the tourism department. The utmost things to do before the planning a visit to Dubai is to do is making a list of places you want to visit and get them in a proper order to get most out of it.

Dubai is the 2nd best and biggest Emirate which forms the United Arab Emirates popular and attractive. Dubai is more developed then the other Emirates of UAE. In 18th century Dubai do not even resemble a little to what it is now. Dubai was just considered as the land of fishermen. It was a little village that had most of the residents as fishermen.

After the year of 1833 the family known as Al Maktoum came and settled in this little area. The young and influencing Sheikh Maktoum bin Buti took the leadership and started developing the village in one of the most amazing and worth visiting city by the point of view of tourism and business both. He diverted the small village into one of the best and busiest coastal area. It was just the beginning and now you can see the end result that how much it have developed and is still on its path of development.

The main source of income of Dubai is the oil wells and gas and other huge natural resources reserves. Mostly it is thought by the people that it thrives on the revenue earned from these resources. At one time the revenue did came from these natural reserves but in present time only 6% revenue comes from it and the other 94% comes from the tourism, real estate and many others.

The tourists and visitors get attracted by the weather, natural scenery; landscapes and the perfect combination of the artificial beauties make it the most attractive destination from all over the words. The main attraction of the Dubai City is itself as it is quite interesting and fun to explore. Most of the world’s best 7 star hotels are situated in the city of Dubai. The most amazing two skyscrapers are Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the whole world and the Burj Al Arab is the skyscraper in the shape of the sail.

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