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Hatta Mountain Safari – Best of Dubai Attraction


Hatta Mountain tour is among the most famous Dubai attractions. The Hatta mountain safari is an off road drive and provides a great opportunity to get the pleasures of the scenic beauty of the city. The drive takes a person to two entirely different places which include the picturesque Arabian Gulf on one side and the exciting Dubai Desert on the other. The tour crosses the Hatta Highway and then reaches Oman in around 45 minutes. The safari is followed by a delicious lunch at the most beautiful 5-star Hatta Hotel. The Hatta mountain safari is a ‘must do’ Arabian adventure.

The half day trip takes the passengers to the ancient Hatta village which is located in the Hajar Mountains. The next stoppage is the popular local street market called the Friday market. It is a great place for world class carpets and home décor products. The trip then further moves towards the lush landscapes and the chain of mountains. There are picturesque wadis, open waters and dry river beds that are flooded in winters. It’s a good chance for the tourists to enjoy the swimming and the water rides in the valleys of Hajar Mountains. The last stoppage is the luxurious Hatta hotel that offers 5-star lunch to the tourists. After the lunch, the safari takes you for the highly adventurous dune bashing in the sands if Dubai and camel riding. ‘Sheesah’ is a major Dubai attraction offered in the hotels. It is an Arabian hookah especially prepared for the tourists. The dinner at the hotel includes the mouth-watering barbeque. Trekking service is also included in the Hatta mountain safari. The trekking experience in the Hatta Mountain is a memorable experience for the trekking lovers along with Arabian adventures.

A special team accompanies the passengers of the safari that takes care of all the safety measures. In every safari vehicle, there are first aid measures available on every safari vehicle. Senior citizens and weak hearted people are not allowed to join this Arabian adventures ride. Apart from these safety measures, there are certain terms and conditions that need to be taken care of. The trip requires a total of at least four passengers. Advance booking is preferred. The pickups and drop offs are available in hotels and private residences in Dubai and Sharjah for seeing Dubai attraction.

The whole ride is so thrilling that one does not realize how fast the day passes by and the safari ride comes to an end leaving behind a lifetime experience for the tourists.

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