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Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai for Unlimited Fun


Hatta is a sheikhdom in Hajjar Mountains. It’s an exclave of Emirates of Dubai, UAE, to the south-east of its main territory.  The history of Hatta village is around 3000 years old. Hatta has a pleasing mild and fresh climate because of its altitudes. Due to its refreshing atmosphere it becomes most favorite place to visit for vacations.

Hatta’s heritage attracts hundreds of people to visit and experience the historical beauty of the place. It is about 115km east of Dubai city.

Hatta Mountain Safari is thrilling ride alongside the Oasis of Hatta. This tour begins around 8:30am when they pick you up from designated spots. They pass through the Al Aweer and drive on to the red sand giving you the incredible experience of dune bashing towards the Oasis of Hatta.  With this tour you would get to observe the desert life with Bedouin tents and grazing animals. You can visit the Market and have a look at beautiful pots, carpets and can enjoy local fruits and vegetables.

Further in the trip you can travel through the village and visit the Portuguese Fort which was built in 16th century. During the renovation, the same materials were used like mud, hay and sandalwood as to maintain the originality and specialty. Through the Wadis-dried up rivers you can board on a splendid safari to get to the cool Hatta Mountain pools. At the end of the trip you can visit Hatta Fort Hotel where you get a chance to dip drive in cool ponds. This great cool swim becomes most memorable part of the Hatta Mountain Safari.

The cruises of Safari are well equipped and safe with well-fitted A/Cs, seat belts, roll-bars and etc. This tour normally is of 6 hours long which starts from 8:30 in morning and ends in afternoon 2:30. This tour totally refreshes us and makes us forget about all our worries for a while. During the hot climate in the Dubai city, this cool place is best for spending your rest of vacations easily and peacefully.

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