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How To Enjoy Dubai Desert Safari With 1 Year Old


You have heard of desert safaris and its great adventure options. But you have a 1 year old and you are not able to enjoy the thrilling adventures. You have read the instruction in the desert safaris laid down by the tour operators. It is stated clearly that 1 year olds are not allowed in the safari. In fact, all children below 4 years are not allowed.  We have good news for you… Recently, there has been a relaxation of rules by the tour operators and you can enjoy your safari adventures with 1 year old.

What Are The Inclusions Of The Desert Safari In Dubai With 1 Year Old?

You can opt for a morning, evening or noon desert safari with 1 year old. You will pick up at the hotel or destination in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles driven by professional drivers and reached to the desert locale. At the end of the tour, you will be dropped back safely to the hotel or destination by professional drivers.

At the desert locales, you can leave your infant for care and head for the adventure session ahead. You can also provide baby food, milk, nappies and your infant will be taken care of well till you return from the adventure session. You have a host of adventures planned such as dune bashing, sandboarding, buggy riding, quad biking and camel trekking. You also have a choice of adventure sessions. You can opt for the adventures of your preference and prolong it for an entire hour. You can also opt-out of any adventure that you are not particularly interested in. The desert safaris are planned in the morning hours, noon and also in the evening hours. You can choose your convenient hours.

If you are choosing morning desert safari, you can enjoy the adventure in the first hours of the morning when the entire city is asleep. You can watch the sunrise and capture the stunning scene with your cameras or video cams. Moreover, you can use the morning hours judiciously and plan an adventure in the early hours, enjoying every moment in the desert-scapes. Then, you have plenty of time to explore the city or become engaged fruitfully in other activities.

Experienced guides offer you complete assistance throughout the safari. They will instruct you on pursuing each adventure activity and you can complete it under their guidance. For adventures such as quad biking, they will help you ride the bikes under their instructions and after you have understood the instructions, you can freely ride it yourself.

Do You Have Plans In The Evening For A Desert Safari?

The desert safari with barbeque dinner in the evening has other offerings. Planned in the evening hours, it provides you with the opportunity to behold the beauteous desert sunset and capture the shots of the brilliant scene in your cameras or video cams. Moreover, there is great entertainment to enjoy after the adventure session. You can enjoy watching belly dancing or Tanoura dancing at the campsite while comfortably nestled at the site. After the entertainment session, you can enjoy Shisha smoking and relish the delicious barbeque dinner served to the guests.

All the desert safari sessions are planned with adventure activities and can offer you an exhilarating experience in the desert terrains of Dubai.

Now, you need not refrain from the adventure experience simply because you are with a 1 year old. Leave your 1 year old with the caretakers at the campsite and have a great experience in the desert locales.

After your safari experience, you also have time for city explorations, sightseeing photography, video shots of the city and its skyscrapers. Use your time to enjoy the locales of the global city and have a riot in Dubai. It is among the best destinations in the Middle East and has become the visitors have. Apart from an array of activities, you can enjoy desert safaris conducted in the morning, early morning, noon and evening hours. You also have the option of enjoying private desert safaris and luxury desert safaris based on your preference. If you want a customized desert safari experience, then these two options are ideal for you and your family.

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