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Hummer Desert Safari Tour Gives You the Most Thrilling Experience Ever


There are different types of Desert tours in Dubai based on the duration, type of activities, number of members and etc. So this “Hummer Desert Safari Dubai” is particularly about the massive vehicle you travel in.

This tour gives you the most thrilling experience ever. Driving on the red dunes with high speed in a giant vehicle assures you the unlimited fun!

In this type of tour the drivers take you to the safari in private Hummer-a well equipped, Super smooth running vehicle which guarantees you the most extraordinary ride, which is not possible in case of a normal 4×4 SUV vehicle.

This astounding tour gives you the glimpses of how Dubai used to look like 50 years ago. They introduce you to their Middle East culture. While enjoying different rides you would get to experience the rich and renowned Bedouin culture.

Other than this you would get to enjoy camel riding, dune bashing, sand boarding, quad bike riding, henna tattoo and sheeshah smoking.

You can wear their traditional, colorful costumes and click some photographs. Camel riding and quad bike riding have been the most adventurous rides there.

When you reach at the campsite they welcome you with Arabic tea. Afterwards the entertaining evening would begin. There you would get to watch the belly dance and the most loved, Tanoura dance. You get your hands and legs painted with henna-most beautiful Arabic art.

While enjoying this wonderful evening you are served the tempting international cuisines and BBQs. Moreover you get to try the “fragrant sheeshah” smoking.

Hummer Desert Safari is really very adventurous because the giant Hummer takes you up n down on the golden sand giving you the breath-taking experience! That’s why most of the tourists prefer the Hummer safari. You can enjoy the real dune bashing with this thrilling ride.

Normally they pick you up from your residence or hotel in sharjah or Dubai. The duration of this tour is around 5-6 hours in case of half day. The departure time is between 3:00-4:00 pm and arrival time is between 9:00-10:00 pm.

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