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Morning Desert Safari – An Experience of Spending Memorable Moments in Desert


Dubai developed itself as an attractive tourist destination by honest efforts of the government and the businessmen by innovative and exciting ideas to attract the tourist. It is basically a desert city with superb infrastructure and tourist amenities. Its location is convenient as it is just three hours away from most of the Asian countries and five hours away from Europe by air. It is highly popular as a short-break destination for tourists from both continents that are expecting exciting shopping, fine dining, partying and unique sporting events.

Dubai is a great place to visit during the pleasant months of September to April. Dubai has many attractive places and activities to offer its tourists, but the most popular and exhilarating experience is the Dubai desert safari. For desert safari you have to leave city and take adventures out into the desert. Basically desert safari expeditions divided in morning safari, evening safari and night safari. There are many tour operators available for desert safari. Once you book they will pick up you from the hotel where you stay in the morning. The morning desert safari is a two hours trip into the desert.

Transportation is in a temperature controlled four wheel drive vehicle for safety and comfort. They don’t allow to runs a single vehicle, but all vehicles assembled at a starting point and an entire fleet moves together, this is a thrilling experience. You will get opportunity to do some Dune basing with the tour guides. These dunes are not permanent but move with strong winds. Dune basing comprises riding up and down the dunes in the sport utility vehicle. You will be provided with the helmet, goggles and safety gear along with the vehicle or buggy. The guide will brief you with the instructions and enables you to take complete control of the vehicle. You can crisscross dunes and traverse the narrow ridges and experience the adrenalin rush.

The morning desert safari also includes camel riding and gets opportunity to go sand skiing or sand boarding down the terrific sand dunes in the desert. You will have a visit to camel farms and you can see how camels are bred. After all these thrilling experiences at early hours of the day you have to move towards city and tour operator will leave you at your place or hotel

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