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Morning Desert Safari Dubai – 2019 What to Know Before You Go (with Photos)


Travelers and nature lovers love to experience the vastness of the desert in Arabia. If you are in the country, you must be planning a morning desert safari Dubai. Well, you cannot afford to miss out the enriched experience of the desert, where the untapped charm of nature continues to mesmerize travelers. The tour organizers have come up with several customized outings to the desert in Arabia, and you will love the desert safari, loaded with fund and activities.

Eventually, this can turn out to be an experience of your lifetime. Watch the sand dunes roll into the horizons, the desert vegetation basking in the sun. You will love the bumpy ride across the undulating stretches of sand. Photo sessions, dune bashing and several other activities remain in store for the travelers. If you are willing to go for a morning desert safari in Dubai, get across to one of the tour organizers can explore the natural charm in Arabia.

Arabian music, adventurous rides in SUV and the lavish food, loads of fun await the travelers in Dubai.

Camel Trekking Safari in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari In Dubai: At A Glance

  • Pick up from your hotel at the scheduled hour
  • Dune driving in an SUV for 30 minutes
  • Breakfast served in the car
  • Sand skiing and sand boarding as an add-on
  • Camel rides (optional)
  • Quad biking (optional)
  • Drop off at the hotel

Have a look at the activities you would love to indulge in.

Catch The Desert Sunrise

Early in the morning, you can get some best views of the desert. Watch the golden rays of the sun peer out of the horizon to breathe its soft hue across the sands. The scenic beauty of desert in the morning is something you would love to treasure in your memory all your life. The sunrise is one of the best attractions of morning desert safari Dubai. Feel the awesomeness with all your heart, and watch the photogenic spectacle that appeals to travelers. Even if you are in Dubai on a business tour, you can explore the desert, taking a few hours off your work.

Dune Bashing

Feel the gusty wind of the desert washing your face, as you explore the desert in an SUV. The ride lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Generally, the morning desert safari starts at 5 in the morning and the SUV will pick you up from the camp or hotel, where you are residing. On the way, watch the desert vegetation and feel the organic charm of nature. Enjoy the adventurous rides, as the vehicles go over the sand at varying speeds. Ready for the adrenaline rush? Make sure not to miss out a morning safari in the desert when you are in Dubai.

Camel Rides

Well, camel rides are among the most popular activities in the Dubai desert. People enjoy the rides that last for around 45 minutes. Explore the desert in the most traditional way, when you are in Dubai. You may opt for the rides as an add-on to the original package. Have a closer look at the desert wildlife, as the beasts go around the desert in their monotonous motion. You can also enjoy the photo-sessions, as the camels take you to the Bedouin camps in the desert. Watch the simple lifestyle of the desert folks, as you wander across the dunes with the camel convoy.

Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Sand Skiing and Sand Boarding

For adventure-seekers, sand skiing and sand-boarding are among the most thrilling activities in the desert. When you go for a morning desert safari Dubai, you cannot simply miss out the adventure. Explore the natural trials of the desert yourself, rising over the sand dunes and balancing your way down the slopes. The experienced guides supervise the tours, ensuring safety for the travelers. Sand skiing and sand-boarding are two of the most sought adventure sports in Dubai. You will enjoy the abundance of dunes around the desert, of various heights, where you can enjoy these adventure sports.

Quad Biking

Feel the sand dunes under the wheels when you go for this four-wheeled adventure sport in the desert. If you love speed and adventure, you should go for quad-biking in Dubai. No restrictions, and sand dunes in all the directions, you are free to manoeuvre the bike as you explore the desert terrain. Although this sport is available as an add-on, you would not like missing out the adventure in the sands. The guides take care of the safety of the travelers, providing them with the necessary guidelines. Get the all new experience in Dubai as you let your inner self loose and absorb the experience. Simply zip through the dunes and make your way back after exploring the desert charm.

Desert Cuisine

The Arabian breakfast is another great attraction for travelers. After the SUV picks you up from your location, the breakfast will be served. Enjoy the traditional Arabian delicacies while you explore the natural beauty of the desert. If you are a vegetarian, you can get the menu customized. If you are ready for your morning desert safari Dubai, get across to the reputed website and schedule your tour. The reputed tour organizers come up with several options to get the tour personalized for the tourists. You will love the traditional dishes of the desert, including fattoush, baba ganoush, kousa mahshi and tabbouleh to name a few.

A Few Words of Caution

A morning desert safari in Dubai is full of fun and experiences. However, it is advisable not to carry children under three years of age to the safari. Besides, tourists who might be suffering from various ailments and pregnant women must avoid the bumpy rides across the desert and the camel rides. During dune-bashing, wear the seat belts and consult the tour guides in case of any problem. The tour organizers carry the emergency and first aid kits. However, it is advisable to follow their guidance while you engage yourself in the adventure sports to maintain safety.

When you go for the morning desert safari Dubai, carry limited luggage, as you might face space constraints at the camp in the desert.

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