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009 715 560 17788 | 009 714 392 5739 info@desertsafaritours.com

Morning Desert Safari Dubai for the peaceful leisure in Desert


For a desert safari the first name that comes to our mind is Dubai. Going for a desert safari, none of the places can beat Dubai.

Morning desert safari is best for the ones who love to enjoy the cold, fresh and natural morning breeze. Reaching the desert, you would be amazed by the view of glittering golden dunes. The tour generally begins around 7:30 in morning. They pick you up from few fixed points and then take you to the most incredible adventure of your life!

This tour starts with a thrilling ride in 4×4 SUV vehicles. This up and down speedy ride on the red dunes makes this tour even more exciting. After this exhausting ride, they take you to their well-furnished campsite where you can rest for some time. There you are served mineral water and soft drinks. Campsite is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the desert culture.  Next, you’re taken for much surprising rides and experiences. Quad bike riding is most favorite one over there. The guides teach you how to ride the bike carefully while having unlimited fun. You enjoy this ride on “All terrain vehicle” which are specially designed to be used at beaches and deserts.

Another breath-taking ride is sand boarding or sand skiing. You can enjoy this ride on the smooth red dunes of Dubai desert. Camel riding is the ride which most of the people love to experience there. You can roam around, riding on a camel and sipping your favorite soft drink. The camel ride is generally of 1 hour duration. There you also get to visit the camel farm where you get a chance to feed the camels and take pictures with them.

There you can click the most memorable photos of the tour. Moreover you can capture the glimpses of their Middle East culture and lifestyle. This tour ends around 1:30 in afternoon. This tour is 5-6 hours long in case of half-day tour. At the end they drop you off to the designated spots in 4×4 SUV vehicles.

If you are a morning person, Morning Desert Safari is surely for you.

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