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Precious Moments During Dubai City Tour


Called a travelers paradise, this city of magical beauty, Dubai, is the most visited place on earth. Receiving travelers from all over the world, this place has achieved a lot of development. Embellished with magnificent hotels, shopping centers and sophisticated infrastructure it truly deserves a visit once in a lifetime. While on Dubai city tour you can visit a number of places including Dubai Metro, Dolphin Bay, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Burj Khalifa etc.

Burj Khalifa

The most interesting part of your Dubai city tour will be the desert safari. You can also book a private desert safari in Dubai with any of the tour operators. There is a set route and regime, for morning desert safari tour and day long desert safari Dubai, which is followed by all the tour operators. For the desert safari you can avail of a pickup from your hotel or place of stay. In the morning desert safari tour, you can be in a group of six who all will be together during the safari.

During your hummer desert safari all the vehicles are permitted to go together and not individually into the desert. Going alone in the desert can be dangerous and may even cost lives. Hence, the entire fleet goes at the same time. Day long desert safari Dubai gives a thrilling experience to the visitors. You can also take a short ride on the camel and also enjoy watching how camels are bred.

Another interesting and must visit place in Dubai is Dubai Marina. Cruise of Dubai Marina amazes your senses with glittering lights, embracing seas, and exceptional architecture. You can enjoy this ambience in company of lounge music and an international buffet dinner. The shining skyscrapers beneath the moonlit sky will take you into a beautiful world. Cruise of Dubai Marina becomes a special treat with buffet and music treating your senses with pleasure.

On Dubai city tour you can also visit other sites such as Dreamland Aquapark, Wonderland Water, Wild Wadi Water Park, Theme park, Atlantis Marine and Water Park, Al Nasr Leisureland etc. You can also visit the special attraction Ski Dubai. It is an artificially made snow surface on which you can enjoy skiing. You can enjoy skiing just in the middle of the desert.

Dubai is a place of many attractions. You can never enjoy all the places in a single visit. However, a private desert safari in Dubai is something that you should never miss and in fact take it on every visit.

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