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009 715 560 17788 | 009 714 392 5739 info@desertsafaritours.com

Special Barbeque Dinner in the Desert Safari Camp


After Dune Dashing when the sun sets and Moon enters carrying the stars together we will be entering to the campsite for our special BBQ Dinner.

Barbecue stands for food cooked on grill in the open atmosphere, generally considered as social gathering.  Such surroundings naturally create fun amongst people.

Even if you don’t feel like enjoying Desert Safari due to any reason, you can definitely select Barbecue dinner in the Desert Safari Camp. Desert Safari Tours will help you to plan only Dinner for you in the camp.

We all have heard about romantic, candlelit dinners, here we have got something really different from such dinners. Dinner here takes place under the dazzling sky with the belly dancers to entertain us along with sheesha (traditional Smoke) to relax you.

Free Pick up and drop off facility is given by Desert Safari Tours. Generally, here in camp we have Arabic and Continental Barbecue dinner, but if in case one doesn’t feels to have it, Desert Safari Tours always has other options too for your comfort and choice. Barbecue can be found both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Dinner served here is in Arabic style which includes everything starters, salads, breads, main course and even the desert (Sweet dish) in the Desert. Fun Isn’t it. Yes it’s a super fun and super memorable experience to have dinner in such kind of atmosphere.

Barbeque dinner safari in the camp is just whimsical experience which is compulsion for every tourist who visits Dubai. Without this, trip to Dubai can’t be considered as complete one.

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