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009 715 560 17788 | 009 714 392 5739 info@desertsafaritours.com

Special packages of desert safari tours in Dubai


Dubai, One of the most fascinating cities of United Arab Emirates. A Desert is a barren land which is considered to be unfriendly for plants and animals life with its own beauty of silence and peace in it. While the word “Safari” is originally taken from the Arabic language, which means “long Journey”.

Desert Safari is an adventurous Drive not on roads or highways but on the Desert, Yes on the sandy shores. Experiencing this drive is just irresistible.

Desert Safari Tours provides with numerous packages for Desert Safari in Dubai, procuring customers comfort and need. The various packages are:

  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Overnight Desert Safari
  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Dinner in the Desert
  • Day Long Safari
  • Private Safari

Morning Desert Safari is for the morning people who like the cool atmosphere. The fun of drive during dawn is something outstanding. Slowly sun comes out of his house and spread its radiance on the red sand to make our mornings beautiful.

Similarly evening safari is for the people who become poetic when they enter into the dusky zone. The quietness of the desert and scenic atmosphere is celebrated here at this point of time.

We, have the package of having Dinner in the Desert. This package is suitable for those who don’t like to enjoy buggy drives of the desert and just want to have fun of having dinner under the glittery stars, with the fun of sheesha and belly dancers accompanied with barbecue dinner.

Overnight Desert Safari is the combination of Morning and Evening Desert Safari along with the additional experience of sleeping under the glitter of moon and stars.

Supplementary can be added like if any one likes to go for private safaris or one can select personal car like hummer or something.

There are tremendous activities to be done on these Desert Safari’s just to add on the fun of the journey. They are:

  • Camel Riding
  • Visiting the Camel farm
  • Fun of belly dancing
  • Dune Driving
  • Sand Skiing
  • Arabic Costume Photography
  • Henna Painting
  • Relaxation with Sheesha
  • Buggy riding

All the above Packages include

  • Pick up and drop facilities
  • Meals as per the selection of the safari
  • Snacks
  • 30 minutes of Buggy riding
  • 1 hr. Camel riding
  • 30 minutes Sand Skiing
  • Complimentary water  and Soft drinks

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