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Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Biking


One of the most attractive features for a tourist going to the Middle East is its deserts. Dubai’s deserts promise more to the tourists that visit the desert. Adventure activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding are part of the desert safaris that tour operators put in place for tourists and this will help you to enjoy the desert better. The best one among the many kinds of desert safaris is the sunrise desert safari Dubai with quad biking for tourists in Dubai.

A large number of desert safari tour operators include dune bashing as part of the adventure activities during the trip. Many of the additional activities such as camel trekking, quad biking or sandboarding are optional activities that the tourists can pick if they want. You can choose any one of these in addition to dune bashing. Quad biking in the desert is a new type of activity that you may not have experienced before anywhere else. It is exciting to drive the quad bike on the desert sands and an experience worth trying out.

The best time to drive the quad bike on the desert sands is undoubtedly the morning times, soon after sunrise. This is what the sunrise desert safari allows you to do. The afternoon sun becomes too hot to experience. If you have a couple of hours to spare in the morning time and you are on a short holiday to Dubai, then the sunrise desert safari is the best option for you where you can try quad biking and enjoy yourself.

Quad Biking with Sunrise

The quad bike is a four-wheeled vehicle also called the ATV (all-terrain vehicle). You can get the accompanying guide, who is well-versed in the riding the quad bike, teach you the simple basics first- how to sit comfortably, start and accelerate the vehicle. Once you start riding on the sands with a quad bike, there is a likelihood that you will not want to stop because it is so thrilling. It is easy to learn to ride the quad bike.

The quad bike has a seat and a straddle (used for securing the rider to the vehicle). The handlebars are used for steering purposes. To help the vehicle to safely propel on sandy terrain, the tire pressure is maintained at low levels. All said and done, it is a very safe adventure sport. You have zero chances of colliding with any other vehicle. Even if you happen to fall off the ATV, it will only be on the sands of the desert.



Sunrise on the Desert

This is one of the best other experiences that you can have in the desert. The licensed driver-cum guide picks you up from a pre-decided spot and carts you to the desert sands at 5.30 am. The sun is just breaking into dawn at this time of the day. Soon all of the desert dunes will be covered with the morning glow of the sun. There are numerous spots on the deserts where you can take some great morning photographs that you can take back to your home.

Dune Bashing and Sunrise Desert Safari

After a sumptuous breakfast on the dunes, and a break of 25 minutes, you are ready for some dune bashing. The expert drivers take you on a bumpy ride over the dunes up and down while you are safely strapped inside the SUV. This is an adrenaline-pumping activity and lasts for 45 minutes.

You are also free to try sandboarding that involves skating on the sands on a sandboard or trekking on a camelback. Both of these activities are just as exciting. However, they are optional.

Bedouin Lifestyle Experiences

You get a chance to experience how the Bedouins lived. You are given a 25-minute break at a Bedouin-style campsite that offers you traditional Arabic coffee, dry fruits, and dates. Unlimited quantities of mineral water and soft drinks keep you hydrated through the desert safari. Other activities that will thrill you are getting your hands and legs painted with henna, taking photographs with a falcon on your shoulders, smoking the shisha pipe, donning Arab clothes, visiting a camel-breeding farm, etc.


I chose Desert Safari Tours Dubai as the operator for my sunrise desert safari with quad biking and had a great time. I came back satisfied and happy. You can conduct your research at https://www.desertsafaritours.com/

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