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The Most Popular Desert Safaris in Dubai


Desert tours of Dubai have always been phenomenal. Talking about the Desert Safari no country can beat Dubai. Starting from a 4×4 SUV vehicle ride to the last meal at the campsite you enjoy the most memorable tour of your life.

According to your convenience you can choose the timings of the tour. There is early morning desert safari, morning desert safari, overnight desert safari, daylong desert safari. And according to activities they are categorized like Hummer desert safari, private desert safari and many more. Few things are common in every type of Safari, like camel riding; henna tattoo, sand boarding, watching the dance program at the campsite and etc.

In morning desert safari you are picked up around 7:30 am. Then after, you are driven to the amazing dunes of desert in a 4×4 SUV vehicle. Those who love to travel in cool blowing breeze; this is the perfect timing for them.

There you get to enjoy the incredible rides and activities like dune bashing, dives, camel riding and quad bike riding. Moreover you get to wear the colorful costumes of their culture. You get unlimited mineral water and soft drinks complimentary with your tour.

When you reach at the campsite, the people there greet you and serve you the Arabic tea or coffee. They offer you some sweets and dates too. After that you can take some rest there and have fun during the dance performances. Dance forms include belly dancing and Tanoura dancing.  At that time you’re served the most delicious international cuisines and BBQs.

It is a delight to sit in such an enchanting retro style environment while getting your hands and legs painted with henna. You also get to try the “fragrant sheeshah” smoking. They serve both the types of food i.e. vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The alcohol beverages are optional.

The duration of this tour is 5-6 hours as for a half day tour. According to your choice you can select any of the tour like morning, evening, daylong and overnight. Desert Safari Dubai is so refreshing and cheering that for those few hours you forget all other things and just enjoy the marvelous tour of red dunes!

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