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What are the precautions needed to be taken for a desert safari?


What are the precautions needed to be taken for a desert safari? Desert Safari Dubai has become one of the most interested and recommended tourist spots in Dubai. Voyagers across the world who visit Dubai never miss their chance to cherish their moments in the vast land of golden sands and discover the enthralling flora and fauna of the desert land. It offers a fun-thrilled and exciting moment for travelers with varied thrill-seeking level. Desert safari in Dubai is equipped with amazing adventurous sports such as dune bashing, sandboarding, dune bugging, etc, cultural and traditional events, camel ride. Therefore, a tourist who visits Dubai must plan their trip to explore the desert landscape, and also it is an amazing way to discover the local culture in an exciting and intriguing manner. With the increase in the popularity of this travel destination, the number of travelers who plan their holidays to explore the big sand dunes in Dubai is exceptionally increasing. 

Camel riding in Dubai

Camel riding in Dubai

Despite immersing yourself in this enthralling moment of exhilaration and adventure, safety must be your primary concern. Below given are a few important safety measures each and every traveler must take to have a thrilling desert safari experience with safety.

Arabian Falcon in Dubai desert

Arabian Falcon in Dubai desert

Some important guidelines to be considered for your better travel experience with desert safari tours:

  • Make sure the expensive items you have taken with you is safe. It is recommended to avoid carrying your valuable things such as your pieces of jewelry, or laptop, to prevent unpredictable situations.
  • Carry your first aid kit, with some necessary medicines as the climate in the desert region is contrasting during day and night.
  • Hold your relevant documents such as a passport or any identity proof. But you must ensure the safety of your documents while engaging deeply into the thrills of safari.
  • It is highly recommended to avoid desert safari without having an experienced guide.
  • Save all the emergency numbers in your mobile phone to connect immediately if you find any kind of difficulties or even if you get stranded. Even though the chances for such incidents to occur is very less, but it is our responsibility to think practical in all aspects.
  • Try not to accommodate pregnant ladies with you, since it will be highly risky during dune bashing or other adventurous activities.
  • Even though there is no age barrier in exploring the big sand dunes in a desert safari, it will be safe if you do not take children below age 5. 
  • Carrying any kind of drugs with you is strictly prohibited. Try to follow this rule to avoid any severe after-effects.
  • Try not to get into the work of your driver, and do not compel them to do things that they are not specialized. 
  • Do not take arms or weapons with you to avoid unnecessary situations that would ruin your trip.
Thrilling desert adventure

desert safari with Arabian Falcon

Dress code and other accessories preferred during best desert safari Dubai:

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes and you may avoid formal dressing. 
  • At day time the temperature of the desert shoots up and it is recommended to wear light color dresses. Also, carry jackets or shawls as the temperature cools down at night.
  • Use open sandals or flip-flops as your preferred footwear to avoid the discomfort in walking caused due to the sand.
  • You can carry a pair of sunglasses and a hat to protect yourselves from the heat.
  • Do not forget to carry your camera to capture the beautiful moments of your life.

Safety Precautions to be taken during desert safari adventurous activities:

  • Dune bashing is one the adventurous sport in the desert safari so doesn’t forget to strip yourself tight in the safari vehicle.
  • Have your food much before you kick-start your safari. Also, make sure that you have had light food that will not upset your stomach. While riding in the 4×4 wheeler through big sand dunes up and down, having heavy food may make you feel nauseous.
  • Never show hesitation to follow the instructions of your guide before starting your adventure activities.
  • Dune bashing is not at all recommended for pregnant ladies, small kids, individuals having heart problems, back pain, etc due to its bumpy and rough nature.
  • If you possess any kind of allergy or disease, inform your tour operator before it’s late.
  • Take care of yourself and follow rules while engaging in activities such as sandboarding, dune bugging, and camel ride.

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