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The Great Desert Safari Dubai Tours

The Great Desert Safari Dubai Tours- After reading the Arabian Nights stories many times in my younger days, one of the dreams I had written down in my diary was to go on a desert safari in Dubai. This dream of mine was fructified last year when I visited Dubai in connection with the expansion of my business to the Middle East. The business opportunity came my way through my friend in Dubai who had been in the emirate for a couple of years. I grabbed the chance to visit Dubai even though I was not if the business deal would come through or not. I decided to travel to Dubai because it presented me with an opportunity to tick off yet another item on my bucket list.

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The Desert Safari Experience in Dubai

A desert is a unique location you can ever go to and a safari experience in Dubai is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. After my desert safari experience in Dubai, I would strongly suggest that you should prepare yourself for a ride of your life if you are in the most modernized of the seven emirates for the very first time. When you arrange your desert safari tour with a top service provider, you will be picked up from the hotel where you are put up in a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser at the appointed time and driven straight to the desert. As your feet touch the desert for the very first time in your life, you will feel as though you have been transported to a totally new world! You will be filled with both awe and wonder!

Dune Bashing with desert safari tours

The final destination for any safari is the Bedouin campsite somewhere deep inside the desert wherein you get to know how the Arabs lived in the desert many years ago.  However, the driver takes you to a designated spot to prepare the vehicle for the drive in the desert. The driver deflates the tires to make the ride on the powdery sand somewhat less bumpy. The 4×4 SUVs which accommodate as many as six people excluding the driver take off smoothly into the desert but as you go deeper the ride becomes increasingly bumpier.

Dune bashing is one of the top adrenaline-pumping activities you will ever come across in your life. The driver will take you up and down tall sand dunes and you will get thrown around inside the vehicle. Of course, you will have to wear the safety belt and hold on to your seat but it is not a scary drive. It is very safe as the drivers are all highly experienced and skillful. Other thrilling activities that are on offer in the desert include sandboarding and quad biking.

the great desert safari dubai tours

Sunrise/Sunset Viewing with desert safari tours

Depending on whether you choose to visit the desert in the morning or the evening, you get to see the magical display of colors on the sky during the sunrise or sunset. If you opt for the Sunrise desert safari in Dubai, you will get to experience the adventure activities after viewing the sunrise in Dubai deserts. If you opt for the evening desert safari with BBQ dinner, you will involve in adventure activities before going to a vantage point to view the sunset. However, sunrise and sunset times are the best times to capture a few memorable photographs.

If you don’t much care for adventure activities, don’t worry. You can opt for a long camel trek that will take you around to give you an idea of the desert flora and fauna. The trek also presents you with ample opportunities to capture some mind-blowing pictures. Some of the birds and animals you get to see include Arabian Oryx and Gazelles.

At The Bedouin Camp

Finally, you reach the campsite in the middle of the desert and you feel as though you are at a fair. You are welcomed with Arabian coffee and dates. You are also given mineral water and soft drinks as much as you want. Before you are served breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on your time of visit, you get enough time to experience a few activities that give you a fair idea of the Arabian culture. These activities include Shish Smoking, painting your hands and feet with henna, taking photographs wearing the Arabian costumes.

If you choose the evening desert safari, you will also be able to watch belly dance, Tanura, and fire dance performances as you have your BBQ dinner outside the campsite in the open air. When it comes to dinner, the dishes include spicy Arabic food such as falafel, Samoas, beans, green salads with dressing, and pita bread. Barbecued lamb and fish are some of the other delicacies that you get to enjoy.

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Desert Safari Tours

If you are looking for the best safari tour provider in Dubai, you don’t have to go beyond Dubai Desert Safari Tours. The company has been organizing a wide range of desert safari tours ever since 1998. As a recipient of the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor, Desert Safari Tours ensures that you have a great desert safari tour experience in Dubai.

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