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Things to do to Make Sunrise Morning Safari in Dubai the Best

sunrise camel riding in Dubai

Awesome Morning Sunrise Safari in Dubai– Everyone travels to Dubai to have a great time for their vacation. Among many great things that Dubai offers for travelers, desert safaris are one of the most sought-after experiences in Dubai.

Of the many desert safaris, morning desert safaris offer a charm that most other safaris in Dubai cannot.

The opportunity to behold the mesmerizing views of the sunrise can certainly be a unique factor that can set the morning desert safari in Dubai different from the rest.

One may need to ensure that the sunrise morning safari in Dubai has enough activities and adventures to follow up and make the experience as singular as possible.

Let’s take a look at the same.

Things to do to Make Sunrise Morning Safari in Dubai the Best 1

Awesome Morning Sunrise Safari in Dubai

Every morning desert safari is made singular by the opportunity to watch the tantalizing view of the sunrise. Watching the sunrise beyond the sand dunes of Arabia is the most exciting part of the morning desert safari in Dubai.

You will be taken on a camel to watch the sun rise in the Dubai desert.

Once you are at the perfect place to watch the sunrise, you can station at the highest sand dune to get the full view of the majestic view of the sun coming up.

If you love to take images, you can capture the ever-unsullied imagery of the sun rises embracing the entire world in an orange hue like never before.

There is More to a Morning Desert Safari in Dubai Than Watching Sunrise

sunrise quad biking experience in Dubai

While morning sunrise in Dubai is certainly an integral part of a morning desert safari, there are numerous other activities and adventures than one can indulge in.

Let’s take a look at other activities that one can experience.

Dune bashing in Dubai desert

Dune bashing is the major attraction of any desert safari in Dubai. Generally, you will be picked up from the place of the stay in a 4WD vehicle. Most of the times, the vehicle will be either Hummer or land Cruiser.

The ride will be carefully arranged to ensure the safety of the traveller.

It will be an experienced driver who will be taking care of the ride. The vehicle is constantly checked to ensure that the vehicle is safe for ride.

Riding through the dunes of Arabia drifting on the desert is an experience that no one will forget. This is the major reason most of the travellers in Dubai want to go on a dune bashing in Dubai.

Sand boarding desert experience in Dubai

After enjoying the sunrise in the morning safari in Dubai, the next thing that you can enjoy other than dune bashing in Dubai is sand skating. Drifting through the sands of Arabia on a skating board is another experience that you will never forget in your life.

If you have ever skated before, you will sure love the sand skating experience in the desert as you go along the inclinations of the dunes.

You will be provided with the skating gears to enjoy the skating experience. You will also be taken care by the team to ensure that all skaters are never injured.

sand boarding experience in sunrise safari dubai
Dune buggying in Dubai desert

Along with enjoying the adventures of dune bashing and sand skating, another option for immense adventure experience is dune bugging.

If you think that going on dune bashing and sand skating is not enough for you, dune buggying is what you need.

You will be taken in a buggy vehicle specially built for going on a dune buggying. The vehicle is framed to ensure the safety of the travellers of the vehicle. The buggy is inspected and checked to ensure that the same is safe for everyone to travel.

You will be taken by an experienced driven of the buggy across the sand dunes of Dubai for a wild, adrenaline-filled experience like never before.

The camel riding Tours in Dubai

If dune bashing, sand skating and dune buggying are not fun for you, a camel ride along the sand dunes of Dubai will surely satisfy you. You can observe the mesmerizing views of the desert atop the camel.

The camel ride will most likely be included in your routine itinerary and it will be about 45 minutes long. If the same is not included in your itinerary, you may need to pay addition price for the same.

Enjoy the breakfast like nothing before

After watching the sunrise in morning safari in Dubai and going on a few adventure experiences, you will surely be hungry to have a big breakfast.

Fret not, you will be treated at your campsite with a singular breakfast that includes everything from Arabian cuisines to international ones.

You can have your breakfast till your stomach is full and you are satisfied. There will also be various entertainment activities that you can enjoy while you are having your breakfast at your campsite at the middle of the desert.


falcon show with sunrise desert safari

Making a desert safari a unique experience is both the responsibility of the traveller and the agent in equal parts. A traveller needs to understand the itinerary before starting the desert safari to ensure that they are getting everything they want.

While a desert safari in Dubai often starts with watching the sunrise as arranged by the morning safari Dubai, one needs to make sure that all other adventure activities follow the same effectively well.

There is no doubt that starting your morning desert safari watching the sunrise in Dubai is the best way to start your exceptional desert safari experience.

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