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Why Should You Ride a Camel in Desert Safari Dubai

Why Should You Ride a Camel in Desert Safari Dubai – Dubai is one of the most modern cities in the world. However, your perception changes completely when you go for a camel ride in the emirate. The deserts of Dubai present a landscape that is surprisingly different from the glitzy urban city spaces. The golden sands with the sauntering camels are representative of the typical traditional lifestyle of the Bedouin Arabs. Riding a camel in Dubai provides every visitor with a very unique experience and is a must-do activity for every tourist that visits this emirate.

Why Should You Ride a Camel in Desert Safari Dubai

A camel, also known as the ‘ship of the desert’ has the unique ability to travel long distances without either food or water. That is why this animal is a favored mode of transport in the Arabian deserts. Therefore, a camel ride is undoubtedly the best way in which one can get to know the life and culture of the traditional Arabs.  A camel ride is included in every Desert Safari tour in Dubai to give you a feel of how the Bedouins led their nomadic lives.

The ride on the camel’s back gives you a chance to relax as it saunters across the desert and allows you to soak in the panoramic views of the vast expanse of the skies and the sands. 

Why Should You Ride a Camel in Desert Safari

A camel ride is strikingly different from the ride in the 4WD Land Cruiser that takes you to the deserts in the first part of the Desert Safari Tour. Firstly, you are perched at a height when on the camel’s back and this is thrilling. Camel rides are not restricted to the adults alone. Kids can also enjoy this ride as much as adults do. 

The view of the desert with its accompanying flora and fauna gives a completely different and exhilarating experience. Contrary to the expectation that the desert sands would be bare, you may get to spot Arabian oryxes and gazelles that capture your attention. Vegetation unique to the deserts and oases is sure to leave indelible marks in your memory. 

What to Expect when you Ride a camel in Dubai

 Ride a Camel in Desert Safari Dubai

Once you are picked up from a pre-decided spot in a 4WD and taken to the desert sands, you are treated to a session of dune bashing wherein the expert drivers exhibit their daredevilry by going up and down the sand dunes. You get thrown around and this adrenaline-pumping activity is something you cannot afford to miss. 

You can then try your hand at a host of other traditional activities like henna painting, smoking the hookah, holding a falcon in your hand, and camel riding, among others. There are two types of camels that can be found in the UAE – the Arabian Dromedary camel and the Bactrian camel, both of which are domesticated. Whereas the Dromedary camel has a single hump, the Bactrian camel or Asian camel has two humps.

As soon as you are ready to ride the camel, expert guides will teach you all of the dos and don’ts of riding the beast. They will ensure that your camel ride is a smooth, exciting and safe one.  In fact, there is nothing much to fear as camels are calm and patient animals.

Why Should You Ride a Camel in Desert Safari

You can also opt to take a personal photographer along with you to take the best shots of you riding the camel. The photographers will lead you to the best vantage points among the dunes to capture the best moments during the ride and the mesmerizing pictures of the sunset/sunrise. 

A typical camel desert safari ends with an enjoyable Arabian Food experience with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. There would be mesmerizing shows of traditional dances while you enjoy the BBQ dinner.  

An early morning desert safari tour ends with a sumptuous Bedouin-style breakfast. A BBQ lunch is often served at the end of a morning desert safari tour. 

Enjoy the best Camel Ride Experience with Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Why Should You Ride a Camel in Desert Safari Tours Dubai

It is every tourist’s dream to ride a camel in Dubai. If you have included it I you bucket-list, do not delay it any further. This is one of the most sought-after fun activities for tourists in Dubai. The sizzling deserts with their dream landscapes can be best enjoyed when on the back of a camel. 

If you are looking for the most professionally organized Camel Desert Safari in Dubai, it is a good idea to book one with Dubai Desert Safari Tours. The company is very reliable and has been offering its services in this sector for many years now. This tour operator is a Tripadvisor-recognized service provider and has excellent user reviews on the reputed online travel company’s website. 

why should you ride a camel in desert safari Dubai?

It is simple and easy to book your Camel Desert Safari on this company’s website which will surely be an unforgettable experience for you.

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