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Why Not Plan Sunrise Desert Safari with Sand Boarding In Dubai

sunrise desert safari dubai

Why Not Plan Sunrise Desert Safari with Sand Boarding In Dubai!

The global city, Dubai will soon be your favorite adventure station in the Middle East. The city is a popular destination for the globe trotters as a global shopping destination and the highly developed market for international products. There is plenty to enjoy and explore in the city as its grand shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, seascapes, beaches, skyscrapers. There are also good engagements in Dubai such as the adventurous bungee jumping or Dhow-cruising to explore. The introduction of the pulsating desert safaris is a delightful inclusion for your travel itinerary on your visit to the city. New and passionate adventure seekers are flowing into the golden city for its best offerings. It becomes the prime destination for explorers and they are preferring the city over other destinations.

Desert safaris are a new adventure pursuit for the thrills-seekers. These safaris are planned at convenient hours such as mornings, afternoon or evenings. You can choose the convenient hours. 

Why Sunrise Desert Safaris are preferred?

Sunrise hours are an ideal period for thrill-seekers. You may have plenty of engagements in the afternoon and evenings. You are busy planning explorations in Dubai during the day and you only have the sunrise hours to spare. As the shrewd visitors, you can plan your visit to Dubai wisely and schedule activities wisely in your travel itinerary. Allot the sunrise hours for seeking the thrills of the sunrise desert safari with sandboarding Dubai. While city explorations can only be planned after the city is awake, use your early hours judiciously for the exhilarating adventure experience offered by the desert safari at sunrise hours.

It would be most unfortunate to miss out on the desert safari experience during your Dubai visit. Plan wisely and enjoy the exhilarating experience. Desert safaris are also organized in the afternoon and evenings hours to provide visitors the convenience of exploring the safari experienced at their preferred hours.

dune breakfast desert safari dubai

Sunrise desert safari Dubai with dune breakfast

Your sunrise safari is 4 to 5 hours long!

Thesunrise desert safari with sandboarding Dubai is planned to last 4 to 5 hours offering you an incredible adventure experience. Enjoy multiple adventures and relish the dune breakfast served fresh… Have a delightful experience in the desert terrains.

Tour inclusions:

  • Spectacular desert sunrise view

Behold thesplendid view of the desert sunrise. Watch the glowing fiery ball of the sun emerge gradually from the distant horizon. You can shoot the beautiful natural scene with your cameras and video cameras. 

  • 1-hour camel riding

Have you ever enjoyed camel riding? You have a great chance to experiment with the safe adventure in the desert-scapes of Dubai. Enjoy camel trekking while seated comfortably on the camelback and explore the desert terrains. Have no inhibitions in planning in the camel ride as it is a delightful experience planned for an entire hour. At the sunrise hours, the desert atmosphere is serene and fresh; you can enjoy a long, delightful ride seated comfortably on the trained camel. As the camels are well-trained, there are no concerns about safety. Even children can enjoy the ride as it is absolutely safe and exhilarating. 

  • Delicious breakfast on the dunes

Have you ever enjoyed breakfast on the dunes? You can enjoy the experience in Dubai. If you bored with dining at the table, you will truly love the new experience.

  • Multiple adventures: 

Enjoy multiple adventures at the sunrise desert safari with sandboarding Dubai such as:

  • Camel trekking
  • Sandboarding
  • Quad biking
  • Dune bashing 

All the adventures included in the sunrise safari are safe and thrilling with Dubai desert safari tours. You can start your adventure session with camel riding. Enjoy traversing the desert terrains while seated comfortably on the camelback. After your first adventure, you are prepared for the pulsating adventures to follow ahead. After breaking your inhibitions, you can plan quad biking, sandboarding, and dune bashing.

Dune bashing is the most thrilling desert adventure. If you are a seasoned thrills-seeker, this will be your favorite adventure activity in the desert terrains. Dune bashing is highly thrilling and exhilarating. It is a unique experience and among the best adventure offerings of the sunrise desert safari. While experienced drivers are offering you the thrilling dune bashing experience, you need not be concerned about the safety. Simply be seated comfortably in the spacious air-conditioned vehicles with the capacity of accommodating 6 or 7 persons. The skilled driver will race your abruptly up and down the large sand dunes and offer you a splendid experience. You will simply squeal in delight as you rapidly pass over the dunes in the vehicles. Professional drivers are experts in dune bashing and they ensure that you get the biggest dose of excitement in the desert terrains.

Dune bashing is only one of the desert thrills planned in the arid stretch. You have sand boarding and quad biking to follow. Both are equally exciting but safe and enjoyable. In sandboarding, you can insert your foot in the holds of the sandboard and glide down the large sand dunes. Based on the instruction provided by the professional guides, you can practice sand skiing and master the art of gliding along large sand dunes. There are only a few chances of fall. If at all you fall, the loose sands will cushion your fall and no injury will be incurred. 

You have another great adventure activity yet to be explored… Quad biking. Have you ridden on Quad bikes anytime? If you haven’t, then experience the pleasure of riding quad bikes independently across the desert terrains and enjoy your experience well. You may not know how to ride quad bikes… No worries, the skilled professional guides will instruct you. The process is simple and you will be able to follow the instructions easily. Even women are learning to drive quad bikes and it is quite simple. If you are not confident, then the instructor will accompany you until you are assured of driving the bikes.

  • Unlimited mineral water provision

Rehydration is Important during your adventure session. As you may be enjoying your adventure activities, you should consider hydration. Drink plenty of water and increase your fluid intake. Unlimited mineral water will be provided to you during the safari. 

If you thought that the desert stretch was a lifeless, passive zone lacking excitement or thrills, you are proved wrong. The desert terrains of the global city, Dubai is seething with adventure activities and it is a great thrills zone in the Middle East offering the differential experience to adventure-seekers from across the world. Visitors want to connect with the Arabian heritage and seek excitement from the typical desert activities planned by experienced tour operators in the golden city, Dubai. 

  • Pick Up and Drop Facility

Pick up and drop facility is provided by professional drivers cum guides. You will be picked up from the hotel or destination by professional drivers and reached to the desert locale, where the adventure activities are scheduled. At the end of the safari, you will be reached by the hotel or destination.

If you are planning sunrise desert safari with sandboarding in Dubai, contact us… Book your tours soon!

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